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From the outset of the war between Israel and Hamas, the prospect of escalation into a regional war has been ever-present. Tensions ran high in April 2024 as Israel and Iran launched limited attacks...
An incident on Friday has led to the grounding of all Boeing 737-9 aircraft until they can be inspected for safety.
In February 2021, special-purpose acquisition company (SPAC) Churchill Capital announced a reverse merger with luxury EV maker Lucid Motors. Churchill had gone public at $10 a share in September 2020...
The Hamas-Israeli war may be a proxy battle between Saudi Arabia and Iran over oil.
Crude oil prices have spiked since Saturday's Hamas attack on Israel, and activist investor Nelson Peltz is taking another run at gaining a seat on Disney's board.
Rising oil prices have chipped away at the U.S. industry's position as the world's swing producer. That role looks likely to go (back) to Saudi Arabia.
A leaked document from the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency in April 2023 estimates that Ukrainian forces have sustained between 124,000 and 131,000 casualties, including up to 17,500 deaths. The...
The world's largest oil companies are reporting earnings for the June quarter. It is not pretty, but higher dividends and more stock buybacks are likely to keep investors in line.
Russian forces continue to pound the southern Ukraine city of Mariupol, which has so far been able to repel the invaders.
Saudi Aramco reported earnings Tuesday but all anyone cares about is whether or not the company will pay its promised dividend.
An agreement among the Saudis, the Russians, and the Americans over the weekend will lead to lower crude production beginning next month and, producers hope, higher prices.
The members of OPEC along with Russia and others are expected to meet Monday to discuss reducing crude production by up to 10 million barrels a day. The United States may not be present in person but...
Crude oil storage tanks around the world are filling up and rising production combined with lower pricing from Saudi Arabia is on track to oust the U.S. as the world's top crude producer.
The teleconference meeting of the G20 ended Thursday without even a word about the collapse of the crude oil market. Now the market itself may have to do the heavy lifting and both the Saudis and the...
The oil and gas industry got nothing in the $2.2 trillion relief package approved late Wednesday by the Senate. Here's what that could mean.