Social Security

Threats to Social Security payouts have gotten worse in the past year.
A large problem for the Social Security Administration is the growing number of people over 85 as time passes.
The Social Security Administration has warnings about fraud targeted at people who receive Social Security payments.
Social Security benefits are set to increase by more than 8%. Unfortunately, that money is already spent because of raging inflation.
Will people be paid Social Security benefits beyond 2034? Yes. However, these may be well below what people anticipate.
In the middle of next month, Social Security payments are likely to be increased, but that boost will be eaten by inflation.
The argument that Social Security will run out of money has gone on for years. Recently, the odds that will happen have taken a sharp turn up.
Social Security recipients may get a big raise this year. A decade from now, that may not be possible.
Social Security is reviled by many Americans. This is particularly true of people who receive it.
Social Security payments reportedly will rise over 9% next year. Will that be enough?
Older workers who lost their jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic have dropped out of the workforce or are having more difficulty finding new jobs than are younger workers.
Should the Social Security Administration be allowed to invest in stocks? If so, what should the limits be?
A cost of living adjustment brought payouts up by 1.6% for the more than 63 million Americans who take Social Security benefits starting in January of 2020.
A recent survey of financial advisors highlights client worries about the future of Social Security.
Social Security's expected payouts will exceed its income next year. That would mark the first such year its income and expenses have been inverted since 1982.