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Short interest in solar stocks was largely steady in the two-week reporting period that ended on April 15. Alternative energy stocks, however, got a lot more attention from short sellers.
Short interest decreased on solar stocks during the two-week period ending March 31. With one exception, alt energy short interest also declined among the stocks we track.
Short interest moves in solar stocks were mixed and muted in the two-week reporting period that ended March 13. Alt energy stocks were a very different story, however.
Short interest in solar stocks rose during the two-week reporting period ended February 28. Among alt energy stocks, short interest was mixed with a couple of big changes.
We wanted to look up and down the alternative energy sector patch to see just how bad the carnage was on Monday, March 9, 2020.
If the wider spread of COVID-19 wasn't bad enough for the public and the markets, now an oil price war between Russia and Saudi Arabia is pouring salt on the wounds.
Enphase Energy has seen its shares surge over the past year. Now the company is using some of the great stock performance to raise capital.
Short interest was mixed on solar and alt energy stocks in the two-week reporting period ended February 14.
Since its recent earnings report and guidance update, two analysts so far have raised their Sunnova Energy target prices handily.
It may sound impressive for a speculative solar power stock to be up on a day that the Dow Jones industrials and the S&P 500 were down sharply, but that was the case for First Solar on Monday.
First Solar's poor quarterly results are dragging down its peers as well. The same thing happened when SunPower announced it was splitting into two pieces. The company's stock recovered. Will First...
Solar energy company First Solar reported quarterly and full-year earnings after markets closed Thursday that were sharply lower than analysts were looking for, even excluding a $360 million...
Short sellers made some adjustments to their positions in the two-week period to January 31 while share prices fell sharply on several stocks.
Short interest decreased on two of three solar stocks and increased on four of five alternative energy stocks we track. A couple of the moves were huge.
Microsoft is already high on the list in ESG indexes and exchange-traded funds. Now the software and technology giant has an even larger environmental goal: it wants to be carbon negative.