Standard and Poors

Here are 10 fresh credit rating actions that investors will want to consider when analyzing the finances of companies.
The major agencies have issued multiple credit ratings downgrades and negative credit ratings views Monday afternoon through Tuesday morning.
The recession is here, and it looks worse with each new forecast. Now, Standard & Poor's has issued a new update on the coronavirus impact on the global economy.
It seems that things are only getting worse for Bed Bath & Beyond after Standard & Poor’s downgraded its credit rating again.
When investors hear that one of the world’s top credit ratings agencies has issued a sovereign downgrade of one of the world’s biggest nations, it tends to bring more than just some...
S&P slashed its rating of Gulf nation Qatar due to the nation's dispute with seven others in the region.
Many investors now do not want to take any non-market risk in specific stocks or even in specific sectors. That leads them into the S&P 500 index funds. The question that many investors will ask...
Verizon and AT&T both dominate communications in mobile and terrestrial phones and data plans. But after that, there has been a clear difference in how they are moving their businesses.
Goldman Sachs has lowered its equity weighting to Underweight for the next three months, and there are 10 points that matter here for equity investors.
Investors often wonder what to think when the stock market hits new all-time highs. Do they sell or do they chase the market higher?
After years of dividend growth, and after years of dividend chasing, now investors are being told that the overall climate is one in which U.S. dividends remain under pressure.
It has been expected since Brexit that the credit rating agencies would chop the “AAA” rating of the United Kingdom. That happened today, and S&P cut its UK rating to...
Standard & Poor's has now shown that the first quarter of 2016 saw a 12% rise in buyback spending to a whopping $161.4 billion.
The number of S&P 500 companies with buybacks in the first calendar quarter of 2016 was up a sharp 12% from a year earlier.
On Monday, June 13, a note from Credit Suisse signaled that the stock market's valuation looks stretched. So, what is it that Credit Suisse so worried about?