While many consumers are familiar with the Apple iPad or the Microsoft Surface, Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG) tablets don’t quite measure up. This tech giant has tried again and again with the Nexus...
Google loses major copyright case, Moody's downgrades Tesla, Apple plans to move back into the education sector, and other important headlines.
Apple is expected to launch a new tablet Tuesday aimed at the education market, while research firm TrendForce forecasts a decline of 3% in demand for tablets.
Amazon has introduced the next generation of its Fire 7 tablet. The new device keeps the same low price and adds several incremental improvements. The low end of the market must be treating Amazon... has marked down the price on its Fire tablets, which many analysts believe have never sold well. The deals target subscribers to Amazon's Prime service.
A report at BGR cited a source who said that Apple may soon announce that the iPad mini will no longer be manufactured and sold.
Tablet shipments declined for a tenth straight quarter in the first quarter of 2017. Slate devices like the iPad see sinking numbers will detachable keyboard devices shipments are increasing.
A new survey from J.D. Power ranks the Microsoft Surface as the best tablet, displacing Apple's iPad.
Research firm TrendForce forecasts Samsung, Apple and Huawei as top three vendors of smartphones in 2017, with Huawei moving to just four points behind Apple in global market share.
The shift in online shopping from desktop computers to mobile devices is surging again this year as 58.6% of Thanksgiving Day shoppers used their smartphones and tablets to make purchases. A record...
It is not the same as leading the worldwide smartphone market, but Apple will hold that distinction among tablet manufacturers, with a full quarter of the market in 2017. announced an all-new version of its Fire HD tablet Thursday morning that may be as impressive the new iPhone 7.
Short interest in Apple shares fell more than 16% in the two-week reporting period that ended February 29.
Global tablet shipments fell more than 12% year over year in 2015 to more than 168 million units, according to TrendForce.
Of all new devices activated in the week ending on Christmas Day, Apple accounted for more than double the share of second-place Samsung Electronics.