technical analysis

Does it matter that these stocks are all valued with what might be nose-bleed valuations? Does it matter that these are almost all trading above the consensus analyst price targets?
The technology sector has been hot in 2016, and some of the stocks have such strong charts that their fundamentals may not even matter to technicians.
If you went through 2015 and the first six weeks of 2016, the weakness in the oil and gas sector was something most investors have not seen in years. Now oil is back over $30.00 and nearing $35.00,...
Investors may have felt better after Wednesday’s selling panic was met with a buying frenzy, but there are still many tales of caution that long-term investors and short-term traders alike need to...
A bull market interrupted is how many investors likely feel at the start of 2016. These are the seven Dow stocks that will be needed to drive the Dow higher in 2016.
As 2015 heads towards the final month of trading, it has been a seesaw year for investors. The Federal Reserve also seems as though they are looking to start raising interest rates in December. It...
A report on Wednesday from Janney Capital Markets has targeted several iotech bcompanies it believes are now grossly oversold.
24/7 Wall St. has identified three stocks that are oversold and that may be entering an areas where there are signs of life or where key support is believed to be very close under current share...
24/7 Wall St. screened the Merrill Lynch list of Buy-rated stocks with a 90-day price and volume breakout for those that make sense now as the market seems to be hitting a wall.
Apple is one of the most market-focused stocks of them all. Now it has a stock chart that may be signaling real trouble ahead.
China is doing what it can to stop the bloodletting, but reviews of the Shanghai chart and the Nasdaq tech bubble charts might make some investors fear a much deeper market correction in China.
24/7 Wall St. is evaluating Lumber Liquidators objectively to see if the stock's rally is too much from the recent bottom or if this is just the start of something much larger.
Finding a bottom in the price of oil has become an elusive game of cat and mouse -- or maybe a game of dollars versus logic.
The financial sector is the favorite rotation idea due to considerable signs of relative trend improvement versus the S&P 500.
Investors have become nervous again, and rightfully so. It has been far too long since stocks have seen a 10% correction in the S&P 500 Index and Dow Jones Industrial Average.