Tim Cook

The enthusiasm for Apple has grown over recent months. But a lot of things have to go in Apple's favor for investors to see a $200 share price.
The last time there was wild excitement about an iPhone version is when Jobs launched the first one 10 years ago. If Tim Cook can come close to that with the iPhone 8, Apple’s shares could surge...
If Apple can have a spectacular launch of its new iPhone, and it can pick up its critical market share in China, it could surge beyond its current market cap of $700 billion.
Earnings propped up Apple's stock for Wednesday’s rally, but as more analysts continue to weigh in the stock it could run even more.
Analysts were far more positive a year earlier, but the same analysts (and some new ones) are still looking for above-average gains in Apple in 2017.
With Apple shares down following the earnings report, 24/7 Wall St. wanted to take a closer look at the world's most widely followed company.
Apple is back to being everyone's favorite stock again. It has been hard to ignore the rate of analyst price target upgrades for the mighty Apple of late.
Practically everyone had an opinion on the new iPhone 7, as well as where Apple and the iPhone family stand to go from here.
We have seen most analysts either sticking with or increasing their positive outlook on Apple. Still, there is at least some caution out there.
Many investors and analysts alike — oh, and consumers of course — keep a close eye on every one of Apple's new efforts ahead of, during and after the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) each...
Goldman Sachs has lowered its expectations and upside projections on Apple, citing lower growth expectations for the smartphone industry.
Cowen raised Apple's rating to Outperform from Market Perform, after having been on the sidelines for quite some time. Cowen also raised its price target.
It seems that the investing community might be hoping for a larger dividend and a larger stock buyback announcement with Apple's earnings in April.
If you were just looking at Apple shares, you might think that Monday March 21 was just another trading day, rather than an Apple product event/launch date.
Is it fair to ask if health care technology and services could become Apple's next major growth frontier? Merrill Lynch seems to think it does.