Altria's marketing campaign carries the tagline "Moving Beyond Smoking" but a look at its earnings statement confirms how stunningly large its tobacco business is.
The U.S. FDA has agreed to seek a ban on menthol-flavored cigarettes and flavored cigars at the request of more than a dozen public health and civil rights organizations.
Philip Morris International has just announced that it is increasing its regular quarterly dividend by 2.6%.
Altria reported better than expected quarterly results and re-established its 2020 full-year earnings guidance before the markets opened on Tuesday.
Philip Morris reported earnings and revenues that beat second-quarter estimates. Recent FDA approval of the company's IQOS products have boosted share prices as well.
What does it say about long-term industry expectations when a leader in the cannabis field is laying off more employees and closing plants as a restructuring effort?
Counting out a tobacco company has never proved to be a good bet over the long term. Will this time be different?
U.K. tobacco giant Imperial Brands has slashed its dividend. Will American tobacco companies follow suit?
Altria's share price is falling. Its investments have been busts, and hedge funds and shareholders are getting cranky. Even the dividend hasn't made investors happy.
With investments in booze, pot, tobacco and e-cigarettes, Altria has the sin category just about covered. However, the COVID-19 outbreak may indicate that the cost of sin has limits.
A combination of financial factors creates an interesting value proposition for investors as Altria reports later this week. Also, we will get a chance to see if anything happens with the dividend.
Tobacco giant Philip Morris reported first-quarter earnings and sales that beat estimates but withdrew its full-year guidance due to the unknown impact of the COVID-19 outbreak. That has weakened...
Investors are scrambling to find yield. Could Altria have just the dividend yield they are looking for? Cigarettes have been considered recession-proof, but this time things may be somewhat different.
It's no secret that Altria enjoys its relative position in the hearts of Wall Street traders because of its dividend yield. Can the tobacco products giant maintain that high yield?
Tilray chose perhaps the worst time that it could to raise capital, as the prior trading day was the worst one that the markets have seen since the 1987 crash.