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Risks Becoming More Clear in Long-Dated Treasuries as Yields Keep Rising

Nothing lasts forever, and maybe that applies to incredibly low interest rates. The pressure remains high against bond prices as October gets off to a start. U.S. Treasury yields have ...
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BlackRock Grows Cautious About Long-Term Treasury Notes and Bonds

If you have wondered if we are in a bond market bubble with insultingly low interest rates, maybe you should hear what one of the top bond managers has to ...
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Does a Weak 10-Year Treasury Auction Mean the Bond Rally Is Finally Toast?

Treasury yields may still be too low for most sensible U.S. investors to chase today, but the yields on long-term rates have started ticking back up from the post-Brexit lows. ...
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Over $10 Trillion in Sovereign Debt Now at Negative Yields

The era of zero interest rates somehow migrated into the era of negative interest rates. The only good news is that the negative interest rates did now arrive in the ...
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30-Year Treasury Auction May Limit Endlessly Lower Yields

Interest rates have gone down rather than up in 2016. That is not what most market pundits and forecasters were calling for at the start of the year. Now a ...
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Foreign and International Banks Dominate 10-Year Treasury Auction

Another 10-year Treasury note auction has come and gone, and the auction should not be viewed as a disruptive one. The 10-year Treasury was $23 billion and the yield was ...
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With Dovish FOMC, Bond Yields Fall

What are investors supposed to make of the January FOMC meeting? The verdict was that the 10-0 unanimous vote by Janet Yellen and her Fed presidents was dovish, with the ...
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4 ETFs to Buy to Protect Against Huge Market Losses

It has now been six years since the depths of the Great Recession and the ensuing stock market sell-off. The S&P 500 is up over 200% in that period, and ...
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The Bill Gross Outlook on 2015

Janus Capital Group, Inc. (NYSE: JNS) released its collective investment outlook for the year ahead, otherwise known as “Straight Talk on 2015.” Investing experts that spoke at this event were ...
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30-Year Treasury Auction Sees Shockingly Low Auction Yield

Investors have decided that the U.S. government should only have to pay 3.074% to borrow money for its 30-year bonds in the latest long bond auction. There was also a ...
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Stellar 30-Year U.S. Treasury Bond Auction

The U.S. Treasury has conducted a 30-year Treasury bond auction and the results looked impressive. The news seems a bit surprising considering what has happened with a Ukraine-Russia ceasefire and ...
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Deutsche Bank Says Inflation Bump Is More Than Just Market “Noise”

For years the inflation monster has been the genie in the bottle or in Pandora's box. It was something we were warned about, but told not to be concerned over. ...
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An Almost Stellar 30-Year Treasury Auction

The U.S. Treasury has just sold its 3.625% 30-year Treasury bonds, or the so-called long bond, at a yield of 3.525%. The recent unsettling of the stock market recovery might ...
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Fed Fund Futures After FOMC: Rate Hikes to Start in April 2015

Janet Yellen made a bit of a surprise on Wednesday in her FOMC statement and then again in her press conference. The 6.5% unemployment rate threshold has been lightly removed, ...
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Money down the Drain

Bond Market Signals Worse Than Orderly Stock Market Sell-Off

Goldman Sachs and other investment firms warned that the market was getting more and more at risk of a 10% stock market correction, with the caveat that stocks would resume ...
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