The Right Temperature for 20 Kinds of Meat and Poultry

Professional chefs and accomplished home cooks have learned through experience -- and familiarity with their grills or ovens -- how to turn out the perfect medium-rare steak, juicy lamb burger, ...
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Why Central Bank Gold Buying Just Isn’t Enough for Gold Bugs in 2018

Gold historically has been a major store of value for nations, individuals and other entities. And the reasons that gold is purchased vary wildly from source to source. What is ...
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Turkey Finally Gets It With Larger Than Expected Rate Hike

Turkey finally decided to put on its "A" game. After having been way too slow to raise interest rates to stem inflation and a major currency depreciation, Turkey finally raised ...
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8 Nations Facing Sky-High Interest Rates and Inflation

The year 2018 has turned out to be both interesting and challenging when it comes to the world's financial markets and economies. The United States has been the world's safe ...
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A Closer Look at Turkey’s Economy

The value of Turkey's currency, the lira, has collapsed. Its economy has stagnated so badly that there is even talk of a bailout, perhaps led by the International Monetary Fund ...
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Turkey’s Economy by the Numbers, With US and European Exposure

It was not that long ago that the economic meltdowns taking place in Greece and Cyprus dominated the headlines. And no one should have forgotten about the "PIIGS" analogy for ...
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Turkey: When a Coup Doesn’t Destroy a Market

When told of a failed coup and a round of thousands of arrests of military, government and civilian people, most investors might just assume that the local stock market would be crushed. ...
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Fitch Highlights More Risks to Emerging Markets and High-Yield Credit

Fitch Ratings has released its latest global credit outlook. The good news is that overall credit ratings outlooks are said to be improving in most sectors in developed market regions. ...
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F-35 stealth fighter

Global Conflict Means Billions for U.S. Defense Contractors

There are Russians running around Crimea. Chinese warships are prowling the Pacific and doing doughnuts around the Indian Ocean. Drug cartels boast military-grade weapons in their arsenals in Mexico. And in ...
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World currency

Are Emerging Markets Finally Becoming Safer To Invest In?

Emerging markets have not been performing the way they have in many past bull markets. Most investor interest and direction from Wall Street strategists decided earlier this year that the ...
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Greece Riots Anniversary

Arab Spring Redux in Most Emerging Markets, Losing Their Financial Religion

Being an investor in emerging markets is supposed to come with great growth opportunities as the local populations begin the purchase and consumption of more and more goods and services ...
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