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New home construction rose by nearly 8% month over month in August and by 12% year over year.
The U.S. Census Bureau has released its annual data on median household income and poverty, and there are few surprises here.
New home sales fell sharply in July, largely as a result of a substantial revision to the June sales total.
This would be a particularly bad time for certain legal immigrants to apply for a green card or a visa or visa extension in Fresno, California — or in Columbus, Ohio, or El Paso, Texas, among...
There are nearly 60 million Hispanic people in the United States, which means they make up 18% of the population. That number is expected to grow substantially over the next several decades.
New home sales fell for the second straight month in May but the good news is that sales of homes priced below $300,000 rose sharply, indicating perhaps that more first-time buyers are able to get...
Among the most popular foods Americans eat in the summers are hot dogs and hamburgers, but the rate at which people consume these varies significantly from state to state.
New orders for U.S.-manufactured goods fell for the second time in three months in April while shipments dipped for the first time in three months.
New home sales dropped sharply month over month in April, but remain well above April 2018 levels.
The fastest growing city in America last year was a modest-sized one in Arizona, according to new Census data.
New Census data released Thursday shows that New York is still America's largest city, but among the biggest cities in the United States, five are in Texas.
New home sales in the U.S. rose by 4.9% month over month in February, according to the latest data from the U.S. Census Bureau. The year-over-year increase was a much more modest 0.6%.
Sales of new homes dropped by 4% year over year in January and 7% compared to December. Unusually cold weather, a partial government shutdown, and substantial upward revision in December's total all...
Data for U.S. housing starts in January were released Friday showing sharp jumps in both total starts and starts on single-family home construction. New permits issued slipped slightly.
Home sales rose month over month in December and were up more than 2% year over year for the month. The for-sale inventory was also higher and, alas, so were prices.