Ford's F-150 has been the best-selling vehicle in the United States for decades. The pickup is getting a makeover for the 2021 model year and will debut as an electric vehicle in mid-2022.
Volkswagen on Friday shortened its projected timeframe by two years for producing a million all-electric vehicles for the European market.
In the last few days, Volkswagen’s Audi division management said it will cut as many as 9,500 people. BMW management has stated it will cut many people as well. Today, Mercedes parent...
There are many reasons to doubt the turnaround plans of Ford CEO Jim Hackett. Moody's downgrading Ford's debt to "junk" status is one of them.
Tesla shares made a handy gain early on Thursday after mixed reports surfaced as to whether German auto manufacturer Volkswagen would be looking to take a stake in Elon Musk’s brainchild.
Despite worries that strong car sales in the United States cannot continue, experts expect that July sales have been strong. Helping to lead the way, once embattled Volkswagen had a good month.
Ford and Volkswagen announced on Friday further investment in a Pittsburgh-based autonomous driving platform firm and a deal that gives Ford the right to build cars for Europe using VW's modular...
American, European, and Asian car makers have produced hundreds of car models since car manufacturing became a big business at the turn of the 19th century. Only 27 models, however, have been in...
Auto sales in the European Union dropped in February for the sixth straight month. Among the EU's large economies, Germany was the volume sales leader and the U.K. was the laggard.
China is the world's largest car market. Sales in the country are essential to the financial strength of some of the world's largest car companies.
Though Ford announced a broad-ranging alliance with Volkswagen, its stock fell despite tremendous press coverage of the deal.
Ford has announced plans to close some European plants and concentrate its business on the continent on commercial vehicles, passenger cars and imports.
Volkswagen may make more vehicles in the United States, Iraq may be the next country to leave OPEC, and more important business headlines.
European auto sales in October recovered somewhat from a massive September decline but still posted a decline. For the year to date, however, sales are up slightly.
The value of the yuan plunges, Walmart to change the way customers pay over the holiday season, and other important business headlines.