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An SEC decision on a spot Bitcoin ETF is due later Wednesday. GE Vernova announced a huge contract win for its wind energy business.
A federal district judge in Louisiana has issued an order requiring that the U.S. Interior Department proceed with a planned sale of oil and gas leases in the Gulf of Mexico.
How much difference will Amazon's investment in carbon removal credits make? Not very much if you agree with this Stanford professor.
Canadian renewable energy developer Boralex (US:BRLXF) (CA:BLX) has acquired a 50% stake in five wind farms in Texas and New Mexico for $249.8 million. The wind farms, Hereford Wind Farm I, Longhorn...
The movement into environment, social and governance (ESG) is attracting billions and billions of investment dollars away from certain companies and sectors. Many utilities in America are moving...
U.S. demand for coal is rising as the country's need for energy increases with the stuttering recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.
Here are 10 companies that Morgan Stanley thinks will benefit from developing new hydrogen capacity or from developing the cheaper renewable energy that will drive the push toward hydrogen fuel.
We wanted to look up and down the alternative energy sector patch to see just how bad the carnage was on Monday, March 9, 2020.
Microsoft is already high on the list in ESG indexes and exchange-traded funds. Now the software and technology giant has an even larger environmental goal: it wants to be carbon negative.
Two investing themes have become much more dominant of late. One concerns climate change, and the other has a partial overlap as it covers the theme of environmental, social and governance strategies.
While much attention has been given to efforts of moving beyond fossil fuel use in the twenty-first century, many infrastructure entities from utilities to investment companies to government-related...
The budget bill approved by Congress and signed last week by the president includes some items clean energy advocates wanted, along with others that are likely to make matters worse.
Recycling wind turbine blades that have reached the end of their useful lives is not something that public officials or landfill operators have thought much about. Now would be a good time to get...
The state of Rhode Island has denied a construction permit for a new natural gas-fired power plant saying that it's no longer needed and, besides, it's too dirty.
Short interest in solar energy stocks rose in the reporting period that ended October 15. Alternative fuel stocks, however, fell out of favor.