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The U.S. green economy contributed about 7% to the country's gross domestic product in fiscal year 2016 and employed nearly 9.5 million Americans.
The U.S. Energy Information Administration has projected that almost half of global electricity generation by 2050 will be fueled by renewable sources.
The coming expiration of several tax incentives aimed at reducing U.S. carbon emissions raises the question of whether renewing and expanding them will help achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. A new...
Investing in renewable energy gets a lot of attention for being the "right thing" to do to save the planet from the effects of climate change. Rarely, however, is it praised as a sound economic...
Investment in clean energy projects dropped by 14% worldwide in the first half of 2019, largely the result of a 39% drop in new Chinese investment. But there were some bright spots as well.
U.S. electricity generation from renewable sources surpassed coal-fired generation for the first time ever in April.
Global investment in electricity generation will reach $13.3 trillion between now and 2050. Demand for electricity to power new cars and trucks will drive much of the demand.
U.S. carbon emissions rose last year for the first time since 2010, according to a preliminary report from Rhodium Group. Meeting U.S. goals for carbon emissions reductions is going to get a lot...
3M is joining the ranks of companies that are going green. The conglomerate has announced that it is committed to move to 100% renewable electricity.
The International Energy Agency on Monday released its annual report on renewable energy, along with a forecast of growth in renewable capacity through 2023.
The California Senate on Wednesday approved a bill requiring the state to get 100% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2050. Is that even possible?
A combination of falling costs for solar equipment and a sharp cut to Chinese investment indicate that 2018 spending on solar projects will decline year over year for the first time ever.
In a new report on offshore energy production out to 2040, the International Energy Agency estimates capital spending needs to range between $4.6 and $5.9 trillion.
GE is unveiling a new battery platform called GE Reservoir that will aim to store the power produced by wind turbines and solar panels.
In 2017, 18% of all electricity generation in the U.S. came from renewable sources, double their contribution of just 10 years ago and nearly equal to generation from nuclear power.