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Google announced last week that it had added 536 megawatts to its renewable energy portfolio. The company has met its goal of sourcing 100% of its power consumption from renewable sources this year.
A new report indicates that the unsubsidized cost of solar and wind electricity generation continues to fall.
Third-quarter global investment in clean energy generation totaled $67 billion, an increase of 3% over the second quarter and 40% over the third quarter of 2016.
US investment in energy efficiency is estimated to account for up to $115 billion of total global investment of $1.7 trillion last year. That's good, but we have to do better.
A US Department of Energy review of the country's electricity grid is due out as early as this week and may not reach the conclusions the Trump administration expected.
Total Chinese electricity generation from renewable sources surpassed US generation last year, while overall renewable generation rose by 14.1% year over year in 2016.
Between now and 2040, global spending on new electricity generation capacity is forecast to reach $10.2 million, with nearly 75% of the investment being made in renewable energy generation.
The renewable energy industry supports less than 10 million jobs worldwide, a number that seems small based on the breadth of an industry that is supposed to replace the bulk of traditional energy...
There have been many uncertainties around all aspects of alternative energy and renewable energy of late. After all, the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States has come with a...
TPI Composites intends to sell more than 4 million shares in a secondary offering valued up to more than $101 million.
Denmark's Vestas edges out GE to lead 2016 new wind power installations, while the number of offshore wind installations tumbled from the previous year.
While the November election of Donald Trump brought a smile to the fossil fuel industry, the reaction in the renewables energy sector was more subdued.
Call it global warming. Call it climate change. Maybe it’s a nuance, or maybe your political stance determines how you feel about this debate. 24/7 Wall St. has tracked investment in clean...
A new study has attempted to estimate the most efficient type of electricity generation plant for different parts of the United States.
The state of Texas leads the nation in wind power generation with more than 18,000 installed megawatts and another 5,000 megawatts under construction.