Dell’s (DELL) Little China Problem

August 9, 2007 by Douglas A. McIntyre

It seems that some Chinese consumers want to beat up Dell (DELL) and take its lunch money.

Some of the people who bought the big US company’s PCs have started a group called “10000 Consumers Suing Dell”, according to ChinaTechNews.

The aggrieved parties say that Dell was late delivering computers. As far as anyone can tell, there are not 10,000 people involved. Chinese hyperbole.

Dell has had customer service complaints in the US. It lead the company to recruit a new head of customer service. Dell’s domestic user base did not like being routed to call centers from India and back to the US.

Dell would like to gain market share from Lenovo and Acer in China. Perhaps one of them is among the 10,000.

Douglas A. McIntyre