Who Is Connect-A-Jet? (CAJT)

September 4, 2007 by Douglas A. McIntyre

There was an interesting new advertiser today that seems like one of the interesting story stocks.  Just keep in mind this is OTC/Pink Sheet listed.  Connect-a-Jet, or Connectajet.com, has begun a new ‘stock and product’ dual advertising campaign.  Last week this new and unheard of company called Connect-A-Jet.com, Inc. (CAJT-PINKSHEETS) announced it was initiating a new advertising campaign starting this week.  The company is targeting customers and investors alike if you look where it is now advertising: CNBC, CEO Magazine, Forbes Magazine, Aviation Week, Dallas Morning News, Wall Street Journal, In Flight Magazine, as well as many additional Television venues are also under review.

If their business model works the company web site will direct those who want private jet charters to a centralized charter site made up of a myriad of jet and private plane charter operations.  According to its stated goal, it will unite all existing worldwide charter operators in the United States to operate under one efficient, real-time, online booking system. Customers across the globe will be able to book charter on every private aircraft in flight which meets their particular travel criteria. CAJT will also coordinate all ground transportation, in-flight catering, and will provide real-time flight tracking 24 hours for passengers convenience.

It announced today that it was pre-contracting charter operators around the globe onto its real-time booking system.  For whatever this is worth, the online charter platform just launched, according to its own press releases.  It is Austin, TX-based and also just announced that it was listing on the Pink Sheets back on August 23, 2007. 

If you review the data on pinksheets.com that is provided as a link from the company’s investor relations web site, this has 155,000,000 shares listed as the outstanding shares.  We have learned numerous times that these companies that are on the PINK SHEETS often stay there, although there is no way to know how this one will turn out and we aren’t making any projections or predictions on a new stock without many more pieces of data.  It also looks like this was previously a shell company formerly named Source Venture Capital, Inc., although once again you’ll have to do all fact checking on your own in OTC or PINK SHEET stocks.

I did do a brief search for a round trip charter flight from Houston to New York under ‘medium body jets’ although I did not complete the form for obvious reasons.  The ‘About Us’ section notes that a lower-scale flight planner is provided on an interim basis; and the company’s real-time booking system has been completed and is estimated to be launched in its entirety by the of December, 2007.

We usually don’t cover OTC and Pink Sheet stocks because of a lack of available data, although it is always interesting to see new companies regardless of our general opinion of OTC and Pink Sheet stocks.  Once again, on any OTC or Pink Sheet stocks you should check all data throughly on your own. 

Jon C. Ogg
September 4, 2007

Jon Ogg can be reached at jonogg@247wallst.com; he produces the Special Situation Investing Newsletter and he does not own securities in the companies he covers.