Marijuana News Round Up: Pain Patients Pick Marijuana Instead Of Opioids

September 18, 2016 by Douglas A. McIntyre


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New Round Up for September 18, 2016

According to The Boston Globe, Rejecting opioids, pain patients find relief with marijuana

George Beilin, a psychologist who runs a chronic pain support group in Beverly, said many patients he knows are turning to marijuana as an alternative to opioids, or to reduce the opioids they take. But the majority, he said, cannot afford the dispensaries and must obtain the drug on the street.

There is a push to diversify the pot industry, according to Fortune

The Drug Policy Alliance estimates that less than 1% of the market to grow legal weed is owned or operated by people of color, a startling statistic considering millions of African-American and Hispanic men have been sent to prison for selling the same drug. This has been a trend since the national war on drugs began more than 40 years ago.

Oaksterdam University in Oakland offers marijuana education according to WCMH TV

The university is America’s first college dedicated solely to cannabis. Over a 14-week semester in the hands-on lab, students are learning about pot from roots to buds–and the business side of this growing industry.

Like other colleges, there is homework, grades, and tests.

Once they pass their course and pass their final exam, the students will walk away with one of two certificates. A basic certification means they can grow their own cannabis, cook with it, and extract it.

According to WestWood, “Just 12 Percent of Visitors Use Marijuana” based on data from the Colorado Tourism Panel

Fewer tourists are coming to Colorado for the sole purpose of partaking in cannabis-related activities than many people believe, Miller says: 64 percent of the visitors surveyed said marijuana had no influence on their decision to visit the state, while only 5 percent say it was the primary reason for their visit. A total of 12 percent reported visiting a dispensary during their stay.

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