Corvette Sales Tumble in 2019

GM’s Chevy Corvette was named the 2020 North American Car of the Year. The group that decides the winner clearly doesn’t care about customer demand. Corvette sales last year dropped 4.3% to 17,988.

Granted, the winners need to have been new versions of vehicles, but changes in the Corvette may not mean better sales — at all. The base price of the Corvette Stingray is $55,900. The price can easily rise to over $80,000 with upgrades and accessories.

The Corvette’s weak sales also may have to do with a large number of rival vehicles. These start with American car companies. Ford’s Mustang is on the list. So is the Dodge Challenger. Porsche, BMW, Mercedes and Audi offer competitors. The Corvette’s falling sales are an indication that GM has not done a better job elbowing the Corvette into this part of the market.

Finally, the car receives mixed reviews for reliability. Consumer Reports ranks the Corvette four stars out of five, yet ranks the Corvette below most competitors.

To be fair, a number of reviewers rank it among the best sports cars in the world. That means a set of mixed opinions.

Will the new version of the Corvette improve sales. If not, it is a solid, exotic car with falling demand.