Aytu BioScience Inc.

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Closing price August 5, 2022
Some small companies are destined to be small forever. Others can grow into huge companies over time. What will be the story for Aytu BioScience?
Aytu BioScience is a coronavirus play after moving into testing and treatment.
Investors look at Aytu BioScience as it looks at expanding in the COVID testing field.
Aytu BioScience has a distribution agreement for a COVID-19 rapid test and is developing a potential UV light-based treatment.
This specialty pharmaceutical company is making good progress on multiple fronts, including changes to its board of directors and with its test for and treatment of COVID-19.
Aytu Bioscience has moved very quickly, both to execute agreements for products that can have an impact on the COVID-19 pandemic and to raise the capital it will take to provide a return on...
Aytu BioScience shares made an incredible gain to start the week following the firm’s announcement in regards to a coronavirus treatment.
Aytu BioScience has been one of the biggest winners in the fight against the novel coronavirus. The company is sending 2,700 COVID-19 rapid tests to Denver for use with first responders.
There is plenty of competition among companies wanting to sell coronavirus test kits. Aytu Biosciences has placed a bet on its ability to help beat the coronavirus outbreak.
24/7 Wall St. has tracked some health care companies with prospects at crafting a vaccine, treatment or test to deal with this coronavirus and here is where their stocks stand now.
Aytu BioScience was largely unknown until it announced that it had a test for COVID-19. Since then, it has seen a meteoric rise in its common stock price. Does the future look bright?
Aytu Bioscience stock has had investors on a roller-coaster over the past week. The commercial-stage specialty pharmaceutical company has a COVID-19 test kit, but it's not the only one.
It is not a new scenario where an illness or problem starts to become a big deal in the public and there is a small-cap company that “has a solution for that” which happen to be known by...
More and more companies are joining the fight against the coronavirus, and 24/7 Wall St. is taking a look at some of the biggest movers on the day tied to COVID-19.