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Closing price December 7, 2021
Investors have not reacted well to reports that DraftKings is going to pay out a reported $20 billion for a British gambling firm.
Meme stocks were somewhat higher than the overall market at noon on Thursday, especially IronNet.
A new cybersecurity company saw its stock price jump by more than a third on Tuesday. It also generated a lot of talk on social media. There were other winners and losers on the day as well.
The big share price moves in meme stock prices at noontime Tuesday are mostly down, way down.
One big meme stock mover in Monday's trading session struggled a bit in Tuesday's premarket.
Meme trader favorite GameStop reported disappointing quarterly earnings Wednesday afternoon. But not all retail investors are ready to give up on the stock yet.
Meme stocksweare lining up with the major indexes and trending lower at midday on Wednesday.
Wednesday morning's biggest movers weren't meme stocks but the more usual biotechs with good news, IPOs with a bang and a big-premium acquisition. There are some meme movers as well though.
Meme stock legend AMC is trading higher Tuesday thanks to the spectacular weekend debut of Disney's "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings." And there's another stock that's been absolutely...
Several meme stocks are among the most heavily traded on Friday, and one is near the top among the daily gainers.
An Israel-based biotech is soaring in Friday's premarket after its first bone-marrow transplant and Virgin Galactic has run into some trouble with the FAA.
On a day when the major equity indexes were trading moderately higher, meme stocks were mostly following the crowd.
While markets remained mostly calm Wednesday, there were some meme stock movers and we could see more action Thursday as some traders and investors get a head start on the long holiday weekend.
One meme stock is continuing its torrid pace of adding to its share price while three others are struggling a bit.
The latest data on short selling and meme stocks indicates that short sellers have been creamed so far this year, thanks mainly to a couple of bad weeks in January and February.