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The biotech industry has made a splash in 2017, outperforming practically all the broad markets. With this incredible display, it's no wonder that investor interest in this particular industry has...
2016 was hard for biotech stocks, some more than others. These three present a buy low opportunity.
Trump told Time that he wants to lower drug prices, a move that has hit the drug and biotech segments due to his comments.
We know that the broad markets work on the basis of greed and fear, but we have to ask ourselves whether we have become too afraid of Zika and when we can be greedy again.
Here are four biotech companies that have just either closed fresh financing rounds or issued IPOs that exceeded price expectations.
If the momentum in biotech can continue, then companies with catalysts within the next 12 to 18 months could get an added boost with any good news.
Jefferies believes most of the significant biotech downside already occurred, though volatility could continue in the near term.
Citigroup came out with a biotech upgrade of sorts on Thursday. The firm issued brand new Buy ratings on four of the largest names within the biotech space.
Biotech looks set to close out 2015 as its worst performing year since 2008. But can we expect a better 2016 for this exciting sector?
Source: ThinkstockBiotech is still in a rut for 2015, with stocks year to date being essentially unchanged. Since January 1, the Biotechnology Index is up only 0.3%, pretty much breakeven. While the...
A report on Wednesday from Janney Capital Markets has targeted several iotech bcompanies it believes are now grossly oversold.
On Monday, a simple tweet from presidential candidate Hillary Clinton managed to wreck the biotech sector.
If you missed the biotech run and want to try to catch the train this late in the game, it would be wise not to use the new Proshares leveraged biotech ETFs.
After markets close on Tuesday, Amgen, the second-largest biotech, is scheduled to announce its first-quarter results.
Source: ThinkstockThe multiyear run in major biotech stocks has not let up in 2015. Most of the large and mid-cap stocks in the industry are higher, but the smaller and lesser known names have also...