Cassava Sciences Inc.

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Closing price March 1, 2024
Meme stocks traded well-mixed at midday Thursday. The morning's most surprising turn came from a stock that missed estimates and gave lower guidance but still traded higher.
Meme stock winners far outnumbered losers on Tuesday, and one of those winners is posting another big gain in Wednesday's premarket.
On Tuesday, the biggest winner among meme stocks was Cassava Sciences, while Camber Energy took the biggest hit.
Retail investors may be revving up a short squeeze on a stock that was hammered on Monday.
U.S. retail investors now own 12 times more stock than do hedge funds, and Americans have a greater percentage of their money in savings and stock portfolios than at any time since 1950.
An FDA directive has hammered a coronavirus vaccine maker Friday morning as a new variant of the infection is discovered in South Africa.
Here's a look at why five favorite retail stocks were all trading up by double digits at noontime Friday.
A federal investigation into one company's research data has caused its stock to crater, while a rebuttal of a short seller's claims have lifted another.
EV stocks were losing some of their recent gains, and one biotech has announced a new federal investigation.
A company developing a treatment for Alzheimer's disease got a big boost Thursday when a journal in which the company published a report said it found no basis for allegations of data and image...