During Massive Sell-Offs, Triple-Leverage ETFs Look Nuts With NYSE Circuit Breakers

During market sell-offs, market crashes and periods of major uncertainty, stocks get battered and volatility rules. Then there is the other extreme in a correction -- triple-leverage ETFs. It is ...
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Leveraged ETFs Trumpet The Next Recession (TBT, UPRO, FAS, GLD, SLV)

The media keeps pointing to a double-dip recession.  It is such a commonly used term that no one even cares that this is technically just the starting point of the ...
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When ETFs Have Stock Splits (TQQQ, URTY, UMDD, UPRO)

Investors love stock splits.  Occasionally you actually see stock splits occur in Exchange Traded Funds.  These splits technically do not change the compositions or the price mechanisms, but they may ...
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More Triple-Leverage ETF Competition (UPRO, SPXU, FAS, FAZ)

ProShares already has double leverage ETFs for investors and traders alike.  It now has launched two new Triple-Leverage ETFs.  The UltraPro S&P500 (NYSE: UPRO) is meant to offer 300% of ...
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