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Marijuana Weekly News Roundup

Raid teams from SANE on Thursday confiscated more than 150 jars of marijuana, THC edibles, drinks, waxes, extracts and oils, automobiles, 143 marijuana plants, prescription opiates and over $17,000 cash. Participating in the raids were Michigan State Police troopers, Straits Area Narcotics Enforcement officials, deputies from the Otsego County Sheriff’s Department.

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USP Follow-up: Is Big Pharma Trying To Monopolize Medical Cannabis?
It turns out that yours truly personally knows a few of the scientific participants at the U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention (USP) gathering that CBE [Cannabis Business Executive] wrote about last week.

A couple of them shared their insights of what actually took place after reading “U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention: Analyzing the Need for Public Quality Standards for Medical Cannabis,” and additional light was shed on the importance of mobilizing all industry stakeholders to rally around USP’s efforts to recruit their participation to come up with consistent standards for all stakeholders to have a shot at participating in the process to bring real, defined medicine to the table.

CBE believes, and so do many of the industry owners of licensed Producer, Processor and Retailers (PPRs), that the founding fathers of medical marijuana were very clever in tying legalization to medical needs, and then overall legalization by comparing the evils of alcohol to the less than scary implications of legal adult-use cannabis.

However, we also believe that medical definitions, which involve clinically trial tested results of a drug’s efficacy to treat various ailments, is required to move medical cannabis past the quack status usually reserved for such practices as aromatherapy, chiropractics, and podiatry, and the need to fit established federal guidelines in order to attract the support of and participation of organizations and their members like the American Medical Association, the American Association of Family Physicians, and others that would control the prescribing of cannabis derived medicines for specific maladies or treatable conditions.

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