Cheniere Energy, Inc. (AMEX: LNG) can thank its earnings or lack thereof today for its implosion.  Shares were down well over 20% at last look around $5.78, while its 52-week trading range was $6.46 to $43.50.

Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc. (NYSE: CCE) was down less than 1% at $21.48 in the last hour; prior 52-week range was $21.55 to $27.09. Who would have guessed that bottling Coke and other drinks would result in this. 

GeoEye, Inc. (NASDAQ: GEOY) suffering from geospatial imaging sector woes.  While this was well above the 52-week lows, it has been more volatile than plastique in a lightning storm, and shares went as low as $16.05 today; Prior range $17.00 to $37.37.

Hansen Natural Corp. (NASDAQ: HANS) shares fell another 5% to $28.50 in the last hour but shares were as low as $28.20.  This one is making the list more than just once now.  The short sellers that bet against this one probably feel like they are monsters in their own right.

iPass Inc. (NASDAQ: IPAS) fell sharply after earnings and subsequent downgrades.  Shares were down 16% at $2.15 in teh last hour; prior 52-week range was $2.43 to $5.69.  Selling wi-fi spots probably is going to be tough once WiMAX does really hit the U.S.  Looks like the only thing people are passing at iPass is gas.

The Knot Inc. (NASDAQ: KNOT) was down almost 15% at $9.93 last in the day after posting a 65% drop in earnings.  Maybe bridezillas are not doing research anymore or maybe they are just using wedding planners.  Either way, you know when times are tough people don’t go as extravagant on weddings.  Presumable that ad spending might be down too.

3D Systems Corp. (NASDAQ: TDSC) won “the daily fugly” award after its earnings report.  In the last hour shares were down almost 40% at $8.67; prior 52-week trading range was $11.51 to $26.50.   3-D is tough to explain to blind people.

Valero Energy Corp. (NYSE: VLO) seems counterintuitive with screaming oil prices, but its power costs and energy demands are costing more and more and it can’t pass the costs along.  Shares were at $44.70 at the end of the day and the prior 52-week trading range was $44.94 to $78.68.

Jon C. Ogg
May 9, 2008