Lowering Costs, Resignation of CEO, Might Bring Back Uber Customers, Survey Says

The resignation of Uber Technologies Chief Executive Officer Travis Kalanick may help bring back customers disillusioned by his leadership of the company. But the factor that might prompt a return of riders is if the ride-hailing service lowers its costs, according to a survey from Morning Consult, a media and technology company that provides research and data on trends in business and policy.

Morning Consult conducted a survey of 1,652 Uber users from June 15 to June 21 and asked them this question: Which of the following, if any, would most cause you to use Uber once again, or use it as often as you once did?

Thirty-five percent said lower prices, followed by 28% who said firing the current CEO and installing new leadership at Uber. Eighteen percent would return if data privacy for users was ensured. The bad news for Uber is 14% of former users would not return as customers at all.

The poll was taken as Kalanick announced this week that he would step down after pressure from investors.

Even though San Francisco-based Uber has been hobbled by charges of sexual harassment, bullying of drivers and alleged misdeeds involving software theft, customers are mostly satisfied with the service. Customers were asked about satisfaction levels in seven categories, and the company scored no less than 73% approval in any category. Uber registered at least 80% approval in pickup times and reliability.

Uber’s setback is not necessarily a gain for its rivals. Of those users who said Uber’s troubling news made them less likely to use the app, only a quarter of them said they were more likely to seek out alternative ride-hailing services, such as Lyft or the taxi app Curb.