Special Report

America's 15 Fastest Growing Companies

Source: Wikimedia Commons

9. Michael Kors (NYSE:KORS)
> 3-yr. revenue chg.: 116.0%
> Latest annual revenue: $4.7 billion

Like every company on this list, luxury apparel retailer Michael Kors has more than doubled in size since 2014. The company reported revenue of $4.7 billion for the 12-month period through April 2016, an increase of 116% from its fiscal 2014 revenue of $2.1 billion.

While the holding company’s stock price has dipped since its peak of just under $100 in February, it has consistently outperformed the S&P 500 index since 2012.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

8. Under Armour (NYSE:UA)
> 3-yr. revenue chg.: 116.0%
> Latest annual revenue: $4.0 billion

Sports clothing maker Under Armour is one of several apparel outfitters among the fastest-growing companies. Under Armour’s remarkable growth over the last three years is likely tied to the increasing popularity of athletic gear in the United States.

American football in particular has grown in popularity consistently for decades. About one-third Americans favor pro football over any other sport — and by a wide margin. This has been the case since 1985. cent Harris Poll,about one third of Americans favor pro football over any other sport. As was the case as early as 1985, the sport is America’s favorite by a wide margin. Under Armour supplies footwear and gloves to the NFL.

Source: salesforce.com

7. Salesforce (NYSE:CRM)
> 3-yr. revenue chg.: 118.6%
> Latest annual revenue: $6.7 billion

Unlike most fast-growing companies, salesforce.com lost $47.4 million in its latest fiscal year and $262.7 million the year before. The cloud-computing software company attributes the losses to its aggressive growth plan, in particular its hiring and acquisition activities. With revenue up in each of the last three years, and by 118.6% from its fiscal 2012, the company can certainly afford its large investments.

Salesforce.com vied ealier this year to acquire the professional social network LinkedIn, which would have been yet another investment. Instead, Microsoft made the deal, acquiring LinkedIn for $26.2 billion.