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15 Characteristics of People Born in the Year of the Pig

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6. Lazy and Overindulgent

People born in Pig years can be viewed as lazy and overindulgent, just like the animal. They are said to be less concerned with an active lifestyle and healthy eating habits, which can cause weight gain. Excessive drinking and smoking can contribute to further health problems. They also tend to overindulge in fun and pleasure, as they are social creatures.

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7. Short-tempered

Pigs tend to avoid arguments. They can forgive easily and quickly shrug off insults from others. But their short temper and poor communication skills can get them in trouble. Pigs are not known for their diplomacy when they lose their tempers, but in the end they will try to do what is necessary to avoid conflict and maintain peace.

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8. Mo Money Mo Problems

Pigs may attract wealth, but they are not good at managing their finances. Combined with their tendency to overindulge, this can especially become a problem as Pigs approach their golden years. They do, however, know how to find a good deal.

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9. Naive and Easily Fooled

Pigs should avoid finance-related work not only because they are bad at money management, but also because they are easily deceived. This Chinese zodiac sign is described as naive and gullible. Their optimism, generosity, honesty, and compassion make them easy to take advantage of, and it can be difficult for Pigs to say no.

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10. Male Pigs

Male Pigs overall have a good reputation, particularly for their lightheartedness. They’re also considered reliable and supportive, and unlike the animal, hardworking. One of their flaws is their arrogance, which can hinder their goals. Though they can appear upbeat and open to suggestions, deep down male Pigs are stubborn and don’t like to change their minds. In relationships, ignorance is sometimes bliss for them, but in the end is bad for true growth.