These People Own the Most Land in America

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Source: psyberartist / Flickr

35. Shannon Kizer
> Land area: 302,000 acres
> Roughly equal to: The size of Phoenix, Arizona

Shannon Kizer has 302,000 acres across five states: Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. Shannon’s farming and ranching operations produce peanuts, corn, wheat, dairy, and cattle.

Source: Dhaluza / Wikimedia Commons

34. Collins family
> Land area: 311,395 acres
> Roughly equal to: Twice the size of Chicago

The late Truman Collins was a lumberman who became the largest private landholder in Pennsylvania before his death in 1914. Today, his living family members own over 311,000 acres of land in northern California and western Pennsylvania.

Source: Colorado Parks and Wildlife

33. Stefan Soloviev
> Land area: 325,077 acres
> Roughly equal to: Twice the size of the Hawaiin Island of Molokai

Though he resides in New York City, Stefan Soloviev owns over 325,000 acres of land across New Mexico, Kansas, and Texas. Much of the land is used to grow crops like wheat, corn, and sorghum.

Source: Courtesy of Oklahoma State University

32. Malone Mitchell 3rd
> Land area: 336,000 acres
> Roughly equal to: The size of the Hawaiian Island of Kaua’i

Malone Mitchell runs Longfellow Ranches, a 500 square mile hunting preserve located in West Texas.

Source: Mark Seymour / Flickr

31. Zane & Tanya Kiehne
> Land area: 345,000 acres
> Roughly equal to: Twice the size of Singapore

Zane and Tanya Kiehne own ranches that span seven counties in New Mexico and seven counties in Texas and consists mostly of mountainous terrain that is home to a variety of wildlife. Both Zane and Tanya were born into ranching families.