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Europe’s Most Beautiful Castles

Source: OndrejVladyka / iStock via Getty Images

Karlštejn Castle
> Town or region: Karlštejn, Czechia
> Century: 14th

A huge Gothic castle, built by Charles IV, the future Holy Roman Emperor, Karlštejn was the repository of the Bohemian crown jewels.

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Bodiam Castle
> Town or region: Robertsbridge, England
> Century: 14th

This moated castle in East Sussex is known for the extensive landscaping planned by its builders. Though its exterior walls are still largely intact, the interior is in ruins.

Source: bwzenith / Getty Images

> Town or region: Verona, Italy
> Century: 14th

A well-preserved “old castle” (the translation of its Italian name) in the city of Romeo and Juliet, Castelvecchio is considered one of the major military fortifications in northern Italy.

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Gripsholm Castle
> Town or region: Mariefred, Sweden
> Century: 14th

On Lake Mälaren, west of Stockholm, this imposing castle, with its domed turrets, is the property of Sweden’s royal family.

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Château de Vincennes
> Town or region: Vincennes, France
> Century: 14th and 17th

Originally built as a royal hunting lodge in the forest of Vincennes, just east of Paris (and now a part of that city’s metro area) this château is instantly recognizable by the 170-foot-high keep (the most strongly fortified part of a castle — the panic room, as it were).