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The Best Chinese Restaurant in Every State

Courtesy of Shibing T. via Yelp

If you’re lucky, you live near a dependable, high-quality Chinese restaurant. And thankfully, it seems as if the majority of Americans are pretty darn fortunate in this regard.  

When you think of a neighborhood Chinese restaurant, what comes to mind? Maybe it’s a small takeout joint; maybe it’s a larger place decorated with hanging lanterns and lazy Susans on each family-size table. Maybe it specializes in the cuisine of the Hunan or Sichuan region. Possibly it’s a specialist in fish and shellfish, taken live from tanks in the dining room or kitchen. (These are the best seafood restaurants in America.)

No matter the restaurant’s size or focus, standbys like wonton soup, egg rolls, lo mein, and General Tso’s chicken always seem to be offered. But at the best Chinese restaurants, the deeper you dive into the menu and expand beyond your comfort zone, the more you’ll be rewarded.  

To assemble our list, 24/7 Tempo consulted and compared reviews and ratings on a wide range of websites, including Food & Wine, The Daily Meal, Travel & LeisureEater, Time Out, Gayot, Lao Sze Chuan, Food News, and Yelp, as well as state and regional restaurant listings for every state, then used editorial discretion to decide on the final listing. (If you’re a fan of Asian food, you might also be interested in reading about the best Thai restaurants in America.)

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Source: Courtesy of Tuscaloosa Mr.Chen's via Facebook

Alabama: Mr. Chen Chinese Restaurant
> Location: Birmingham

Mr. Chen has all the Chinese-American classics like General Tso’s chicken and egg foo young down pat, but it’s real specialty is authentic Chinese dishes like beef stew in hot pot, whole fish in black bean sauce, and mapo tofu. The adventurous can even order crispy intestines and basil pig feet. (There are also a few traditional Korean dishes on offer.)


Source: Courtesy of LoveToEat Z. via Yelp

Alaska: Charlie’s Bakery and Chinese Cuisine
> Location: Anchorage

Charlie’s isn’t just a great Chinese restaurant; it’s also one of Anchorage’s best bakeries. This frequent “Best of Alaska” winner in the Anchorage Daily News is beloved for its wide variety of dim sum, including jewel-like har gao and several varieties of housemade shu mai, but their cakes, breads, and traditional Chinese pastries like egg tarts are worthy of renown all their own.

Source: Courtesy of Becca W. via Yelp

Arizona: Nan Zhou Hand Drawn Noodle House
> Location: Mesa

As the name implies, the hand-pulled noodles are the draw at Mesa’s Nan Zhou Hand Drawn Noodle House. They’re available in four thicknesses, and come in soups adorned with everything from tripe, beef meatballs, and pan-fried pork chops to tomato and fried egg.

Source: Courtesy of Liana L. via Yelp

Arkansas: Mr. Chen’s Authentic Chinese Cooking
> Location: Little Rock

Located next to an Asian market with the same owners, Mr. Chen’s has become a Little Rock staple for its high-quality ingredients and modern takes on classic dishes. You’ll find the usual lineup of sesame chicken, Mongolian beef, and the like, but don’t pass up the wide variety of authentic fare including seafood clay pot, salted crispy chicken, Taiwanese-style braised pork, and boiled fish in hot oil.


Source: Courtesy of Regis K. via Yelp

California: Sea Harbour Seafood Restaurant
> Location: Rosemead

Tucked away in Rosemead, an L.A. County city with a growing Asian population, Sea Harbour Seafood Restaurant is a sprawling gem that commands long waits on the weekends for its stellar array of dim sum; the regulars rave about their truffle shu mai, salted egg yolk buns, turnip cakes, and BBQ pork buns, with salted caramel sponge cake for dessert. There is also, not surprisingly, an array of fresh seafood dishes.

Source: Courtesy of Matt C. via Yelp

Colorado: Fortune Wok to Table
> Location: Denver

Denver’s Fortune Wok to Table is a bi-level space with something for every mood. Feeling casual? Sit downstairs, where housemade dumplings, Shanghainese street noodles, fried rice, and rotating specials are made fresh with seasonal ingredients. Want something a little more upscale? Then sit upstairs, where a nine-course dinner with wine pairings is served at a chef’s table. Accolades include being named one of the best restaurants in Denver by Eater and home to the city’s best dumplings by Zagat.


Source: Courtesy of Rachel H. via Yelp

Connecticut: Song Restaurant
> Location: West Hartford

West Hartford’s sleek and stylish Song is the brainchild of Chengdu-born chef Xingyu Huang, who’s cooking up a wide variety of “Chinese tapas” from all regions of the country. The majority of the items on offer are shareable small plates, and experimentation is encouraged: Branch out and sample items like mala bamboo shoots, braised beef shanks in soy sauce, pork sticky rice dumplings, and Chengdu pork dumplings in a spicy garlic sauce, and you won’t regret it.

Source: Courtesy of Judy L. via Yelp

Delaware: Mom’s Kitchen
> Location: Bear

Dining at this Delaware standby is indeed like dining in mom’s kitchen – if your mom happens to be an incredibly talented Chinese chef. Dishes like pan-fried dumplings, sesame chicken, and scallion pancakes are all essentially perfect, as are the wide variety of mala soups and spicy pots and specialties including sizzling beef short ribs, braised pork with special Chinese sauce, and spicy lamb ribs.

Source: Courtesy of Jason P. via Yelp

Florida: Silver Pond
> Location: Lauderdale Lakes

Located in a strip mall outside Fort Lauderdale, Silver Pond is roasting up authentic Hong Kong-style duck and chicken, as well as producing masterful takes on Sichuan fare that let you control the heat, all the way up to “extremely hot.” Traditional dim sum are also worth seeking out, along with house specialties including chicken and conch with ginger and scallions, hot & spicy squid with black bean sauce, and even a deep-fried T-bone steak that the regulars swear by.


Source: Courtesy of Addy C. via Yelp

Georgia: La Mei Zi
> Location: Doraville

Buford Highway just outside Atlanta has no shortage of incredible Chinese dining options, but La Mei Zi sits atop the pack. La Mei Zi specializes in traditional Tawianese fare, including beef stew noodle soup, gua bao, fried chicken over rice, three cup chicken, and Taiwanese stir-fried rice noodle. Fish, lamb, beef, tofu, and vegetables are also prepared Sichuan style, and other popular specialties include spicy seafood noodle soup, sliced beef tendon, and stewed tofu with crab.

Source: Courtesy of Anita C. via Yelp

Hawaii: Legend Seafood Restaurant
> Location: Honolulu

A Honolulu staple since 1990, Legend Seafood Restaurant is a low-key dim sum joint by day and a seafood restaurant by night. Lines can be long on weekends (diners are advised to arrive by 10:30 am), when crowds flock there for deep-fried taro puffs, turnip cakes, seafood dumplings, sticky rice, boiled choi sum, and plenty more dim sum classics. Live lobster with supreme sauce, stir-fried live crab, steamed fresh fish, and Peking duck are standouts on the dinner menu.


Source: Courtesy of Ashely E. via Yelp

Idaho: Yummy House
> Location: Idaho Falls

Yummy House is an old-school, low-key Chinese restaurant dishing out large portions of all the classics. Popular menu items include Mongolian beef, honey sesame chicken, steamed pork buns, crab Rangoon, and honey walnut shrimp.

Source: Courtsey of Amy H. via Yelp

Illinois: Lao Sze Chuan
> Location: Chicago

Lao Sze Chuan opened in Chicago’s Chinatown in 1998, and today there are six Chicagoland locations. It’s an absolute must-visit for those obsessed with Sichuan cuisine’s signature spicy, tingly, mouth-numbing flavors. Founder Tony Hu is a master chef (he’s been dubbed “The Mayor of Chinatown”), and his must-try specialties include cumin lamb, mapo tofu, twice-cooked pork, dry-chili chicken, and orange beef tenderloin. The menu is absolutely sprawling, however, with everything from classic dim sum to Peking duck to three cup chicken for the heat-averse. Lao Sze Chuan has racked up countless accolades, including being named the best Chinese restaurant in America by The Daily Meal and Travel & Leisure.

Source: Courtesy of M M. via Yelp

Indiana: Wu’s Fine Chinese Cuisine
> Location: Fort Wayne

The comfortable and unassuming Wu’s is home to Indiana’s best Chinese food. Gather around a large round table and load up the lazy Susan with a wide assortment of Chinese-American classics, dim sum, and authentic Chinese fare like tea smoked duck, Hunan fish filet, and sliced beef with hot chili oil. Come for lunch and you can choose from a variety of generous lunchtime specials.


Source: Courtesy of Shibing T. via Yelp

Iowa: Uncle Sun
> Location: Iowa City

The menu is absolutely massive at this Iowa City standby, and it’s full of dishes that you wouldn’t expect to find at your everyday Iowa Chinese restaurant. Nearly a dozen Chinese stews are on offer (including one with potatoes, noodles, and pork ribs) to warm you up on a cold Midwestern night, along with hot pots, barbecued meats, and even traditional Chinese breakfast dishes including preserved egg congee and cream custard buns. But of course, if you’re looking for classics like orange chicken, crab Rangoon, and egg foo young, their versions hit the nail on the head.

Source: Courtesy of Mary N. via Yelp

Kansas: ABC Cafe
> Location: Overland Park

ABC Cafe is a low-key, casual restaurant specializing in authentic Chinese dishes including salt & pepper tofu, shrimp dumplings, ginger and onion salty chicken, spicy salt and pepper soft shell crab, noodle soups, and a variety of dim sum including BBQ pork puffs and seven flavor mushroom. Be sure to complement your meal with a glass of Hong Kong-style iced tea.


Source: Courtesy of Oriental House via Facebook

Kentucky: Oriental House
> Location: St. Matthews

The inviting, pagoda-shaped Oriental House is a Louisville mainstay for Hunan and Sichuan specialties, as well as expertly made dim sum. Only fresh, high-quality ingredients go into their lengthy menu. Be sure to check out the “Authentic Chinese” section, where you’ll find hot pots, congee, rice crêpes, crispy skin chicken, and seared whole Pacific pompano.

Source: Courtesy of Huyen N. via Yelp

Louisiana: China Rose
> Location: Metairie

Located just blocks from Lake Pontchartrain on the outskirts of New Orleans, China Rose is a low-slung, spacious destination for both Chinese-American classics and more authentic fare. Don’t miss the eggplant in hot garlic sauce, spicy dan dan noodles, double cooked pork, or crispy boneless fried chicken. Lunch specials are very reasonably priced.

Source: Courtesy of S M. via Yelp

Maine: Evergreen Chinese Restaurant
> Location: South Portland

Cozy and unassuming, Evergreen Chinese Restaurant is a hidden gem for in-the-know South Portlanders. The expansive menu boasts a large selection of lunch and dinner specials, generous family-style dinners, appetizer party platters of over 100 pieces, and plenty of vegetarian and healthy options along with all the familiar classics. Pad Thai is also a house specialty.


Source: Courtesy of Kai Y. via Yelp

Maryland: Q by Peter Chang
> Location: Bethesda

Hubei-born Peter Chang is one of America’s foremost Chinese chefs. After stints cooking for the Chinese president and at the Chinese Embassy in Washington, D.C., he opened his first restaurant in Charlottesville, Virginia, in 2011, and a James Beard Award nomination soon followed. Q by Peter Chang, which opened in Bethesda in 2017, is his chic and modern 8,000-square-foot flagship. Chang classics like scallion bubble pancakes and cumin lamb chops are on offer, along with lunchtime dim sum platters, Peking duck, braised lobster with jade noodle, crispy pork belly, and wagyu beef lo mein. The menu impores diners to “embark on a grand culinary adventure,” and Q is just the place to do it.

Source: Courtesy of Nhung N. via Yelp (1)

Massachusetts: Gourmet Dumpling House
> Location: Boston

Tucked away in Boston’s Chinatown, the unassuming Gourmet Dumpling House attracts crowds for its stellar array of dim sum as well as harder-to-find specialties like ginseng chicken soup, Shanghai-style smoked fish, oyster pancake with gravy and eggs, and sautéed eel with yellow chives. Adventurous diners can sample jellyfish, hot & spicy ox tongue and tripe, and sautéed pig’s blood with leeks.


Source: Courtesy of Lena J. via Yelp

Michigan: Best China
> Location: Canton

Michiganders in search of the best Chinese food in the state will need to drive halfway between Detroit and Ann Arbor, to Best China in Canton. This unassuming restaurant boasts a long menu with a huge selection of both traditional and Chinese-American classics. Do as the regulars do and ask for the traditional Chinese menu and you’ll be rewarded with a slew of noodle soups, braised meats, stir-fried meats and vegetables, and specialties including shredded pork pan fried noodle, mapo tofu, and an array of Chinese pastries.

Source: Courtesy of Carlos G. via Yelp

Minnesota: Shuang Cheng
> Location: Minneapolis

This cozy Cantonese mainstay has been a Dinky Down staple since 1990. Owned by Daniel Lam, it’s best-known for its seafood dishes, including standouts like stir-fried lobster with black bean sauce, deep-fried oysters, scallops with Chinese broccoli, and, because this is Minnesota, several preparations of walleye. If seafood isn’t your thing, don’t miss the roast meats, including pork, chicken, and Peking duck.

Source: Courtesy of Rachel L. via Yelp

Mississippi: Mr. Chen’s Authentic Chinese Restaurant
> Location: Jackson

Mr. Chen’s is Jackson’s one-stop shop for all things Chinese, as one half of the space is a traditional Chinese food market and the other half a spectacular restaurant. Traditional hot pots brimming with fresh meats & seafood, roast duck, whole steamed fish with black bean sauce, and artfully plated steamed head-on garlic shrimp are specialties of the house, and must-try appetizers include crystal shrimp dumplings, fried oysters with spicy mayo, and Taiwanese wonton soup.


Source: Courtesy of Kelly M. via Yelp

Missouri: Wonton King
> Location: St. Louis

St. Louis’ first Hong Kong-style Chinese restaurant, Wonton King boasts a huge menu with something for everyone. Don’t miss the wonton soup or fried wontons (the restaurant’s name won’t lead you astray), and be sure to try the variety of Hong Kong-style braised noodles, with Chinese vegetables in oyster sauce, shredded pork with chili sauce, or beef brisket with vegetables.

Source: Courtesy of China Garden via Facebook

Montana: China Garden
> Location: Missoula

With hanging Chinese lanterns, plenty of greenery, a full beer and wine list, and cozy tables separated by wood-paneled dividers, China Garden just looks like the kind of place where you’re going to want to stay a while – and for nearly 30 years, Missoula locals have done just that. Hong Kong-style chow mein, comforting noodle bowls, egg foo young, and sweet & sour pork are standouts. If you visit on your birthday your meal is half-off.


Source: Courtesy of Blue & Fly Asian Kitchen via Facebook

Nebraska: Blue & Fly Asian Kitchen
> Location: Omaha

Located inside a strip mall in Omaha’s Elmwood Park neighborhood, Blue & Fly offers two menu options: the All Day Menu and the Traditional Menu. The All Day Menu is chock-full of well-executed renditions of classics like kung pao, lo mein, and even an intriguing dish called peanut butter chicken, but the Traditional Menu is where Blue & Fly really shines. Go bold with dishes like Chongqing chicken with roasted chili, braised spare ribs in soy sauce, a variety of noodle soups, and sautéed fish fillets.

Source: Courtesy of Theresa C. via Yelp

Nevada: Wing Lei
> Location: Las Vegas

Located inside the Wynn on the Las Vegas Strip, Wing Lei is the first Chinese restaurant in North America to earn a Michelin Star. The Chinese jewel box-inspired dining room is gilded and ornate, the perfect setting for dining on high-end fare from chef Ming Yu, including tableside-carved Imperial Peking Duck, wok-fried Maine lobster, truffle soup dumplings, and Japanese Wagyu with heirloom sweet peppers. Live seafood options include Santa Barbara spot prawns and Alaska king crab, and for the high-rollers there’s a $178 tasting menu.

Source: Courtesy of Galina K. via Yelp

New Hampshire: Lilac Blossom North
> Location: Nashua

Harry and Sophia Ku’s Lilac Blossom has two locations in Nashua, just over the Massachusetts border. Tuxedoed waiters keep a watchful eye over the elegant dining rooms festooned with fresh Burgundy lilies. Each of the House Specials indicates which region of China it originated from, with standouts including lilac steamed whole fish (Hunan), mala lamb (Sichuan), and Peking duck.


Source: Courtesy of Lena J. via Yelp

New Jersey: Szechuan House
> Location: Hamilton

Just outside of Trenton, Szechuan House is serving traditional regional Chinese fare that has been lauded as the Garden State’s best by New Jersey Monthly. One look at the menu and you’ll see that this isn’t your everyday takeout joint: appetizers include diced rabbit with Sichuan peppercorn vinaigrette and jellyfish with scallion oil, and a section of the menu dedicated to Chengdu specialties includes dan dan noodles, shredded tea smoked duck with onion and red pepper, and fried yam cakes with sesame paste for dessert. Along the way you’ll find house specials that include beef tendon with rice jelly in spicy sauce, sliced conch with minced pork in Szechuan wine sauce, and a stellar Peking duck.

Source: Courtesy of Ming Dynasty via Facebook

New Mexico: Ming Dynasty
> Location: Albuquerque

The long-running Ming Dynasty claims to be “Albuquerque’s only Authentic Chinese Dim Sum, Szechwan & Cantonese Cuisine Restaurant,” and it’s also the best Chinese restaurant in the entire state. Don’t miss dim sum staples like crystal shrimp har gao, steamed BBQ pork buns, and egg custard tarts, but be sure to save room for hot & spicy fried chicken wings, generous bowls of noodle soups, ma po tofu, and seafood specialties including salt & pepper crab or lobster.


Source: Courtesy of Christopher K. via Yelp

New York: RedFarm
> Location: New York City

RedFarm was founded in 2011 by dim sum master Joe Ng and late Chinese food expert Ed Schoenfeld and quickly established itself as a top destination for expertly prepared modern dim sum and other creative Chinese fare in a fun, upscale environment. Standouts include spicy crispy beef, pastrami egg rolls, a wide variety of wildly delicious dumplings, crispy skin smoked chicken, and standout Peking duck, all washed down with top-notch cocktails.

Source: Courtesy of Keng L. via Yelp

North Carolina: Taipei 101
> Location: Cary

Sichuan, Zhejiang, and Taiwanese regional cuisines are in the spotlight at this low-key, inviting Chinese restaurant, and there’s also a variety of handmade dim sum. Don’t sleep on the scallion beef pancake roll, Szechuan-style beef noodle soup. anchovy fried rice, or mini steamed buns.

Source: Courtesy of Fawn Q. via Yelp

North Dakota: Shang Hai
> Location: Fargo

Tucked away inside a Fargo strip mall, Shang Hai is keeping the locals happy with a massive variety of dishes both Chinese-American and traditional Chinese. All the classics are represented on the Main Menu, from pu pu platters to kung pao chicken to generous combo and lunch platters, but don’t order before asking to look at the Authentic Chinese menu. It’s here you’ll find regional favorites from all over China, including ma po tofu, Szechuan braised fish, and beef brisket casserole. Shang Hai is the real deal.


Source: Courtesy of Sichuan Bistro via Facebook

Ohio: Sichuan Bistro
> Location: Mason

The inviting Sichuan Bistro is located in the Cincinnati suburb of Mason, and just like its name suggests, there’s an astonishing array of traditional Sichuan dishes on the menu. From Chongqing mala beef and chicken to cumin lamb to red dry chili fish filets and from mapo tofu to dan dan noodles to stir-fried pork kidneys and livers, there’s no shortage of options for those looking to eschew the sesame chicken and sample the cuisine of China’s Sichuan province. On the other hand, the sesame chicken here is great, too.

Source: Courtesy of Vanessa H. via Yelp

Oklahoma: China Garden
> Location: Tulsa

Tulsa’s unassuming China Garden is a must-visit for locals on the hunt for an authentic taste of China. A variety of dry pot dishes, homestyle soups, and house specials including double cooked pork, mala sirloin, and salt and pepper squid keep the regulars happy. Braised pork, dan dan noodles, and homemade dumplings are also favorites.


Source: Courtesy of Israel F. via Yelp

Oregon: Duck House
> Location: Portland

Duck into Portland’s hip and buzzy Duck House for some seriously authentic Sichuan cuisine. Start off with a wide variety of housemade dim sum and dumplings, including xiao long bao (soup dumplings), pan fried buns, and scallion pancakes. Then follow up with a spicy hot pot, Chongqing style prawns or chicken, smoked pork belly with leeks, dan dan noodles, and mapo tofu. Don’t forget the sticky rice balls for dessert.

Source: Courtesy of Crystal W. via Yelp

Pennsylvania: Ocean City Restaurant
> Location: Philadelphia

Ocean City is Philly’s destination for dim sum, served in the traditional style by roving carts. Diners choose from a huge variety of traditional favorites: Regulars swear by the shrimp dumplings, BBQ pork buns, turnip cakes, egg custard tarts, and chicken feet. There are also lots of elegant seafood preparations on offer.

Source: Courtesy of Chinese Food I. via Yelp

Rhode Island: Chong Qing House
> Location: East Providence

You really can’t go wrong at East Providence’s unassuming Chong Qing House, whether you’re in the mood for dim sum, spicy Sichuan fare, hand-pulled noodles, or home-style chowders. The lunch menu is vast and inexpensive, and all the traditional Chinese-American favorites are also offered.


Source: Courtesy of Sunny L. via Yelp

South Carolina: Old Li’s Restaurant
> Location: Charleston

The best Chinese food in South Carolina can be found about a 15-minute drive from downtown Charleston. The family-owned Old Li’s offers a wide variety of Chinese favorites, and the seafood section of their menu is a real standout: Don’t miss salt and pepper shrimp skewers, garlic crayfish, and spicy crab. Other standouts include three cup chicken, sweet and sour pork ribs, and Yuxiang eggplant.

Source: Courtesy of Golden Dragon Chinese Restaurant via Facebook

South Dakota: Golden Dragon
> Location: Spearfish

When the residents of Spearfish, a small city located just up the road from Deadwood, are in the mood for well-made Chinese-American classics, they order from Golden Dragon. Regulars rave about the kung pao beef, shrimp and pea pods, fried wontons, and cashew chicken.


Source: Courtesy of Jacqueline L. via Yelp

Tennessee: Lucky Bamboo China Bistro
> Location: Nashville

Nashville’s elegant and spacious Lucky Bamboo dishes up authentic dim sum and Cantonese and Sichuan cuisine in the heart of Music City. Regulars start their meal with appetizers including thin-sliced pork belly with spicy garlic sauce, wontons in chili oil, and xiao long bao (“oup dumplings), then flip over to the “Chef Recommended” section and dig into crispy Chongqing spicy chicken, honey walnut shrimp, and Hong Kong-style BBQ roast pork and duck. Arrive at lunchtime on the weekends and you can indulge in an array of dim sum, including steamed BBQ pork buns, shrimp rice crêpes, sticky rice in lotus leaf, and chicken feet with black bean sauce.

Source: Courtesy of Tuan N. via Yelp

Texas: Shanghai Restaurant
> Location: Houston

Shanghainese and Cantonese specialties are the stars of the show at Shanghai, located in Houston’s Chinatown. Salted toasted spare ribs, stir-fried chicken with ginger and scallion, salt and pepper duck tongue, pan-fried noodles, brisket stew, congee, and clay pot specials are all worth seeking out. Be sure to get some hot chrysanthemum tea to drink.

Source: Courtesy of Red Maple Chinese Restaurant via Yelp

Utah: Red Maple Chinese Restaurant
> Location: Salt Lake City

With its traditional red and gold color scheme, high ceilings, and exposed wood beams, Red Maple is a perfect spot for a traditional Chinese meal or banquet. Dim sum standards like steamed BBQ pork buns, siu mai, and turnip cakes are available at any time day or night, and special four-course dinners for two are available for less than 40 bucks (pre-set family dinners for up to 10 people are also available). Take a dive into the “Authentic Chinese Food” section of the menu and you’ll be rewarded with dishes like beef stew in Macau-style curry, deep-fried seafood in spicy XO sauce, deep-fried crispy chicken, and sizzling pork chops in black pepper sauce.


Source: Courtesy of Elizabeth B. via Yelp

Vermont: A Single Pebble
> Location: Burlington

A Single Pebble isn’t just Burlington’s best Chinese restaurant; it’s one of its best restaurants, period. Taipei-born chef/owner Chiuho Sampson’s menu is full of dishes that have become local legends, including her mock eel (made with crispy shiitake mushrooms and hailed by Alton Brown on “The Best Thing I Ever Ate”), BBQ hanging pork, crispy beef wontons, and Ants Climbing a Tree (cellophane noodles tossed with a minced pork and mushroom sauce). Can’t decide? Opt for the nine-course family-style tasting menu.

Source: Courtesy of Sophie S. via Yelp

Virginia: Peking Gourmet Inn
> Location: Falls Church

Serving Northern Virginia since 1978, Peking Gourmet Inn is a welcoming, white-tablecloth restaurant that prides itself on its made-to-order family-style entrees made with fresh, high-quality ingredients. Groups can choose from set dinners or up to 10 courses or with their way through the expansive menu. Peking duck carved tableside, Chinese winter squash and sea scallop soup for two, crispy Sichuan beef, Peking-style lamb chops, and walnut chicken are the specialties of the house.


Source: Courtesy of Angel C. via Yelp

Washington: Szechuan Brothers
> Location: Vancouver

The bright and welcoming Szechuan Brothers is a Vancouver restaurant that specializes in the traditional hot and spicy food of China’s Sichuan province. Locals crowd in for meat-filled hot pots, pig ear with chili oil, salt and pepper chicken wings, twice-cooked pork belly, cumin lamb, fried tofu, and sticky rice balls in sweet rice wine with osmanthus flower for dessert.

Source: Courtesy of Ryan M. via Yelp

West Virginia: Main Kwong
> Location: Charleston

Located on Charleston’s bustling Washington Street, Main Kwong is exactly the kind of place every town needs. It serves consistently good, well-made Chinese-American classics, with egg rolls, wonton soup, General Tso’s chicken, Mongolian beef, crispy chicken, and roast pork lo mein as standouts. The combination platters, which are served with an egg roll and pork fried rice, are generously portioned and inexpensive.

Source: Courtesy of Athena D. via Yelp

Wisconsin: Sze Chuan
> Location: West Allis

Wisconsin’s best Chinese food can be found in an unassuming strip mall in West Allis, about a 15 minute drive from downtown Milwaukee. As the name implies, traditional Sichuan fare is their specialty, and regulars rave about the dan dan noodles, mapo tofu, spare ribs in garlic chili sauce, dry chili chicken, sizzling beef, and cumin pork knuckle. Those looking to get a little more adventurous can opt for pork kidneys with Sichuan peppercorns, sautéed pork intestines, and ox tendon in spicy chili sauce. Be sure to try traditional Chinese beverages like Master Kong’s red tea and Yeshu coconut milk.


Source: Courtesy of Shannon P. via Yelp

Wyoming: Good Friends
> Location: Cheyenne

Cheyenne locals are grateful for Good Friends, a low-key and dependable Chinese restaurant that’s great for both take-out and dine-in. All the Chinese-American classics you’d expect to find are on the menu, and are served in large portions. Popular standbys include kung pao chicken, sweet & sour chicken, pork-filled fried wontons, pork fried rice, and lo mein.

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