Raytheon Files To Raise Up To $3 Billion (RTN)

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Raytheon Company (NYSE: RTN) has just filed an open shelf registration statement with the SEC to sell up to $3 billion in any combination of securities in the form of debt securities, common stock, preferred stock, and warrants.

The defense firm listed its use of proceeds as being for generalcorporate purposes. General corporate purposes may include repayment ofdebt, acquisitions, additions to working capital, capital expenditures,and investments in our subsidiaries.

Raytheon has a market cap of $19.5 billion after its shares rose  6% to $46.71 today. Its 52-week trading range is $41.81 to $67.49.  As of June 29, Raytheon had $2.55 billion in cash and equivalents while its total long-term debt, "other’ liabilities, and deferred long-term charges came to more than $5.8 billion (total liabilities were over $10.8 billion).

No underwriters were listed in the shelf registration.

Jon C. Ogg
October 23, 2008