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Boeing Tops Airbus in 2014 Orders, Sales Through November

United Boeing 787-9
Source: The Boeing Co.
For the first 11 months of 2014, Boeing Co. (NYSE: BA) has delivered 647 airplanes to commercial customers. European rival Airbus has delivered 544 in the same period.

When it comes to orders taken, Airbus claims a total of 1,328 through November, compared with 1,380 reported by Boeing. Net orders, which includes cancellations, total 1,031 for Airbus and 1,274 for Boeing.

A total of 104 new orders for the 737 were added to Boeing’s order book: 100 new 737 MAX 200s from Ryanair Holdings PLC (NASDAQ: RYAAY) and four from an unidentified customer.

Airbus added 248 jets to its order book, including 120 orders from three unidentified buyers for the company’s A320 single-aisle competitor to Boeing’s 737. U.S.-based carrier Delta Air Lines Inc. (NYSE: DAL) placed orders for 25 A350-900s and 25 A330-900s. Aircraft leasing and finance firm CIT Group Inc. (NYSE: CIT) ordered 15 A330-900s and five A321s. JetBlue Airways Inc. (NASDAQ: JBLU) ordered 10 A321neos, and privately held Frontier Airlines ordered nine of the current version of the A321.

Year to date, Boeing has taken orders for 982 of its best-selling 737 jets, compared with 970 orders taken by Airbus for planes in its A320 family. Net orders for the 787 Dreamliner total just 25 for the year, equal to the Airbus total of 25 for its A330-200. Boeing’s big advantage comes in the wide-body 777 family, where the company has taken 263 orders to 56 for the Airbus A330-300 and -900. Boeing has taken no orders for the 747 this year, whereas Airbus has 14 orders for its competitor A380.

The final delivery tally and order book for 2014 will be announced in early to mid-January, and neither company has so far altered its forecast. Boeing still maintains a forecast of 715 to 725 deliveries in 2014 and Airbus expects to deliver about 626 planes, its 2013 total.

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