Toyota (TM) Blows An Engine

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Toyota (TM) is the hybrid company. The Prius is the hybrid car. The Japanese car company has used that reputation to build a hybrid business in the US that no domestic company can match.

But, Toyota as announced that it will delay its new lithium-ion battery driven hybrid by one to two years due to safety concerns. The firm had hoped it could raise its hybrid sales in the US from 200,000 units to 600,000. The new hybrid was to hit the market in 2008.

Toyota also delayed hybrid versions of its large pick-ups.

GM (GM) plans to have electric hybrids in the market in 2009. GM and Chrysler plan to launch hybrid SUVs in two years.

So, GM has a chance to get to market with a potentially attractive set of vehicles well in advance of Toyota. That has not happened in years.

GM better take advantage of the slim lead while it can.

Douglas A. McIntyre