The World's Largest Automakers

10. Renault
> Vehicles produced: 2,676,226
> 1-yr. change: -5.3%
> Cars produced: 2,302,769 (10th most)
> LCV produced: 373,457 (9th most)

Renault manufactured about 2.7 million vehicles last year, down from about 2.8 million produced in 2011. The French automaker includes car and light commercial vehicle (LCV) sales only because it does not sell heavy commercial vehicles or heavy buses. Similar to several companies on this list, Renault no longer sells cars in the United States. After an unsuccessful partnership with AMC that ended in the late 1980s when it sold its 46% stake to Chrysler, Renault shifted its focus to other markets.

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9. Suzuki
> Vehicles produced: 2,893,602
> 1-yr. change: +6.2%
> Cars produced: 2,483,721 (9th most)
> LCV produced: 409,881 (8th most)

Suzuki Motor Corp.’s U.S. market share was miniscule, at less than 0.5%, as of August 2012. Suzuki Motor of America filed for bankruptcy last year, blaming slow sales and poor foreign exchange rates. The company said it would stop selling vehicles in the United States. Like Renault, Suzuki makes predominantly cars and light commercial vehicles, the global production of which increased from the year before. Suzuki vehicles often are produced in India, where the company made more than 1 million cars and more than 120,000 light commercial vehicles in 2012.

8. Peugeot
> Vehicles produced: 2,911,764
> 1-yr. change: -18.7%
> Cars produced: 2,554,059 (8th most)
> LCV produced: 357,705 (10th most)

Last year, Peugeot S.A. produced slightly fewer than 3 million vehicles, including more than a million built within France, and more than 2.5 million cars. PSA’s total production has dropped considerably from 3.6 million in 2010 to 2.9 million last year. Earlier this month, however, PSA CEO Philippe Varin said that the company expected to see sales growth in Europe. Peugeot, although fairly popular in Europe, has not actively sold cars in the United States since 1991.

7. Honda
> Vehicles produced: 4,110,857
> 1-yr. change: +41.3%
> Cars produced: 4,078,376 (5th most)
> LCV produced: 32,481 (29th most)

Production at Japan’s third largest automaker has grown substantially over the past year. In 2011, Honda Motor Co. Ltd. (NYSE: HMC) manufactured roughly 2.9 million vehicles. Last year, vehicle production rose to 4.1 million. In August, Honda had an 11% share of the U.S. market. It also made the fourth, fifth and sixth most popular cars in the country that month, with the Civic, Accord and CR-V, respectively. Sales of the Civic were up by more than 58% in August, compared to the same month in 2012.

6. Nissan
> Vehicles produced: 4,889,379
> 1-yr. change: +5.6%
> Cars produced: 3,830,954 (6th most)
> LCV produced: 1,022,974 (5th most)

Nissan is the fifth largest manufacturer of light commercial vehicles, which include commercial vans like the NV Cargo, producing more than a million units last year. Nissan also manufactures heavy commercial vehicles, but last year the company sold just over 35,000 units, less than half as many as it did in 2010. Last month was Nissan’s best retail month in its history of selling cars in the United States, with sales totaling 120,498.