Looking to Buy a Used Car? Black Friday Would Be a Good Day

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With retailers of all kinds competing for consumer dollars on Black Friday, it should be no particular surprise that U.S. auto dealers want to join the party. Still-solid sales of new cars have left dealer lots stuffed with used cars, and the Black Friday weekend is one of the best times of year to get a good deal on a used car.

According to research from iSeeCars.com, Black Friday offers 37.5% more deals on used cars than any other holiday of the year except Veteran’s Day. The two best months of the year to buy a used car are October and November, both with about 38% more deals than an average month.

Phong Ly, CEO of iSeeCars.com, notes:

Dealers are trying to meet their annual goals in November and December, and are more likely to lower their profit margins in order to do so. These major holidays are a great reason for them to drop prices and offer promotions—especially on Black Friday, where there’s increased foot traffic from shoppers looking to buy gifts or shop for bargains.

Here’s the list of the 10 best holidays to shop for and buy a used car:

  1. Veteran’s Day: 42.5% more deals than on an average day
  2. Black Friday: 37.5% more deals
  3. Christmas Eve: 35.6% more deals
  4. Thanksgiving Day: 33% more deals
  5. Christmas Day: 31.4% more deals
  6. Halloween: 30.9% more deals
  7. New Year’s Eve: 30.2% more deals
  8. Martin Luther King Day: 23.4% more deals
  9. Columbus Day: 16.1% more deals
  10. New Year’s Day: 13% more deals

It’s worth noting that all 10 of the best holidays occur in the fall and winter. The worst holidays to buy a used car, based on fewer than average deals come in the spring and summer:

  • Mother’s Day: 29.8% fewer deals than on an average day
  • Memorial Day: 29.5% fewer deals
  • Father’s Day: 23.9% fewer deals
  • Good Friday: 21.3% fewer deals
  • Easter: 19.9% fewer deals
  • Independence Day: 17.1%

For additional information and details, visit the iSeeCars.com website.