This Is the Slowest-Selling Car in Each State

The U.S. car industry is in a bind. Demand for cars has soared, in part because of pent-up demand from when dealers were closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and also because of the rising wealth of people who have increased home equity and assets that have risen in value because of the stock markets. Also, cars people are driving now are just becoming old. Research firm IHS Markit claims the average American car has been on the road for over 12 years.

In a very good year, manufacturers sell over 17 million cars in the United States. In 2021, the number will not even be close.

What is the problem? Lack of supply. There is a tremendous shortage of semiconductors for use in car electronic systems. This has caused automakers to shutter assembly lines. Some publicly traded car companies have had their financial results undermined.

One of the ways the car industry gauges demand is what is known as “days on dealer lot.” Historically, the number is usually between 50 and 60 days. According to iSeeCars, the days on the lot figure dropped to 24.6 days in October. Some dealers have even started to sell car models that are scarce at more than the manufacturer’s suggested retail price.

A few cars take much longer to sell than the national average days on dealer lot. Another iSeeCars piece of research showed that it took 165 days to sell an Acura TLX, the highest figure for any car in October. Nineteen other cars had figures above 60 days.

An iSeeCars report on the slowest-selling cars by state is also based on days on dealer lot. To get the figures, its experts looked at 250,000 new and used cars sold in October. The slowest-selling car in four states was the Nissan Altima. In New Hampshire, the figure for the Altima was 256 days.

Here are the slowest-selling cars in each state:

State Vehicle Average Days to Sell
Alabama Nissan Murano 111.9
Arizona Genesis G80 89.7
Arkansas Ram Pickup 1500 Classic 67.9
California Infiniti Q50 130.8
Colorado Honda Pilot 119.0
Connecticut Hyundai Kona Ev 129.6
Florida Mitsubishi Outlander Sport 137.7
Georgia Nissan Altima 153.0
Hawaii Dodge Charger 66.4
Idaho Ram Pickup 1500 62.0
Illinois Dodge Charger 220.9
Indiana Hyundai Santa Fe 62.6
Iowa Jeep Cherokee 57.6
Kansas Honda Pilot 60.7
Kentucky Chrysler Pacifica 68.9
Louisiana Volvo XC90 58.6
Maryland Nissan Altima 189.7
Massachusetts Subaru Ascent 95.1
Michigan Cadillac XT6 123.0
Minnesota Ford Ranger 127.8
Mississippi Hyundai Sonata 115.0
Missouri Nissan Versa 83.8
Montana Honda Passport 44.0
Nebraska Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid 68.8
Nevada Mazda CX-5 82.6
New Hampshire Nissan Altima 256.4
New Jersey Acura TLX 170.5
New York Infiniti Q50 112.1
North Carolina Acura TLX 140.0
Ohio Ford Ecosport 104.9
Oklahoma Nissan Altima 189.0
Oregon Hyundai Sonata 79.3
South Carolina Ram Ram Pickup 1500 84.1
Tennessee Ram Ram Pickup 1500 Classic 135.5
Texas Alfa Romeo Giulia 151.5
Utah Ford Bronco Sport 68.2
Virginia Maserati Ghibli 160.4
Washington Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport 110.2
West Virginia Nissan Sentra 76.7
Wisconsin Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid 117.7

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