AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc.

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Closing price January 14, 2022
A cryptocurrency asset firm is paying the first-ever bitcoin dividend and the stock soared, while a space technology company was sinking on news of a new convertible debt offering.
U.S. markets took a beating Monday morning, but all three major indexes were clawing back some gains for morning lows.
GameStop shares soared after markets closed Thursday following a report that the company was going to get into the NFT marketplace as part of its long-awaited turnaround plan.
Growth stocks got pummeled Wednesday and the meme stocks were among those getting beaten up. Thursday didn't start out a lot better.
Meme stocks mostly traded lower Wednesday, along with most growth stocks on the Nasdaq and S&P 500 indexes. There was an interesting exception, however.
Our meme stock watch list had another rough day Tuesday, but Wednesday was shaping up to be considerably brighter for one stock we haven't heard from for a while.
U.S. stock markets were having an off-day Tuesday, and the meme stocks were as well -- with the exception of a look-alike to GameStop's position one year ago.
Tesla recall has only a modest impact on stock price, and a look at the stocks that got the most mentions this year on WallStreetBets.
Where will the two OG meme stocks go from here? Here is a look at the outlook for AMC and GameStop going into a new year.
Tesla stock rises despite a new federal safety investigation and AMC stock falls on flagging sentiment.
On Tuesday, the biggest winner among meme stocks was Cassava Sciences, while Camber Energy took the biggest hit.
AMC stock got a big bump on Friday thanks to a new Spider-Man movie, but Monday's downturn was taking back a small piece of the big gain.
One OG meme stock has shot higher Friday, while a recent entry has posted a new low.
One driving force of the meme stock explosion has filed for an initial public offering. Good times.
Meme stocks followed the broad market lower as investors await the FOMC announcement.