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At midday Friday, the broad market was trading lower and the meme stocks were singing from the same hymn book.
Donald Trump's SPAC deal continues to dominate investors' dreams, but there are other meme stocks to keep an eye on as well.
A bitcoin mining company's IPO and a SPAC merger for a former U.S. president's social media company top the list of Wednesday's market news. As for meme stocks, there was news there, too.
Here's a look at four stocks that made significant moves Tuesday and look to continue their pace today.
The first U.S.-traded Bitcoin ETF made its debut Tuesday morning. That and another big positive swing to a meme-like energy stock are the big stories at noon.
Meme stocks, as a group, posted share price gains on Thursday, but there was one big loser. Another double-digit loss in Friday's premarket trading was hammering a much-discussed space tourism stock.
A SPAC merger/IPO on Monday really soared on Tuesday, and the stock is one to keep an eye on for the future.
Trading action was up and down Tuesday, and stocks were trading lower again after starting out the noon hour with a small gain.
One meme stock momentarily doubled its share price Thursday morning.
Wednesday's biggest loser may be Thursday's big winner, at least among meme stocks. And another stock that has been sinking for the past month also headed higher.
With all major indexes down for the day, it's no surprise that losers outnumber winners among the meme stocks we cover.
A heavily shorted stock is getting another boost from what looks to be a continuing short squeeze.
Investors have not reacted well to reports that DraftKings is going to pay out a reported $20 billion for a British gambling firm.
Meme stocks were somewhat higher than the overall market at noon on Thursday, especially IronNet.
A new cybersecurity company saw its stock price jump by more than a third on Tuesday. It also generated a lot of talk on social media. There were other winners and losers on the day as well.