Sears Holdings

-$0.12 (-0.5%)
Closing price September 29, 2023
Sears stock hit an all-time low under $1 a share on Friday. The company faces immediate liquidity troubles and unless it can lift its share price, a potential delisting by Nasdaq.
The founders of Instagram leave the company, Novartis to cut hundreds of jobs, crude oil prices jump above $80 a barrel, and other important business headlines.
Sears has been circling the drain for some time now, but with its most recent move it’s looking to stave off bankruptcy yet again.
Sears Holdings reported its fiscal second-quarter financial results after the markets closed on Thursday. In a surprising reaction to these results, investors sent shares higher even though this...
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Sears shares saw an incredible gain on Tuesday after the company announced that it would be expanding its partnership with e-commerce giant Amazon.
Sears shares dipped on Thursday after the company announced that it would be closing more stores. This is the most recent development on its race to becoming a penny stock, or maybe worse.
Super Micro Computer, Sears, New Age Beverage, and Telefônica Brasil all posted new 52-week lows Wednesday.
SeaChange, Sears, Exelixis, and Adamis Pharma all posted new 52-week lows Tuesday.
It might seem fitting to wonder whether J.C. Penney or Sears ultimately will fail first, but first one of these two fallen retail giants will end up a classic penny stock first.
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It is a strange world in which a CEO can buy the best of his failing company's assets. But what about the 90,000 workers whose jobs are at risk?
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Sears is looking to bolster its online marketplace as it adds a few new top brands from third-party sellers.