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A Fully Compliant Dell (DELL)

Dell (NASDAQ:DELL) issued a release today with the news that it has received a letter from the Board of Directors of The NASDAQ Stock Market LLC confirming that the company has regained compliance with all NASDAQ listing requirements by reason of its recent filing of past due periodic reports.

This is really just a follow-up to this week’s news that Dell had gotten its filings up to date.  Between you and us, Dell was never really at risk of being delisted despite the saber rattling and the implications of not being compliant.  About the worst it ever faced was having a “E” or a “D” on the end of it, and even then that wasn’t really a long term risk.

It looks like the company is going more interactive with product video demos, as well as other promotional efforts:  Dell launched its first online interactive year-in-review, which can be found at The new year-in-review site features videos and Flash microsites that describe the company’s products, services, milestones and impact around the world.

Dell will still benefit from a strong PC cycle, as will H-P.  The only thing for new money now is that the “easy money” has been made, and now we just have to estimate how much Dell’s share buyback plan being reinitiated can carry it on top of the turnaround plan.

Jon C. Ogg
November 1, 2007