Applied Materials Wins EU Solar Management Pact (AMAT)

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Applied Materials, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMAT) has announced a contract award for its SunFab Performance Service™ program which would guarantee the performance cost and output of the Applied SunFab™ Thin Film Line.  This is for producing solar modules, enabling continuous cost reduction based on megawatt output. Applied signed a multi-year agreement to provide the SunFab Performance Service to T-Solar Global S.A. in Spain for the Applied SunFab Thin Film Line.

The SunFab Performance Service allows customers to quickly ramp production and to optimize the efficiency and productivity of their SunFab™ Line.  Using 5.7m2 glass panels, the SunFab Line can reduce the cost of utility-scale PV installs by more than 20%.

Applied will manage T-Solar’s SunFab Line performance with engineering, logistics, technology and automation software solutions; it will also provide improvement programs and factory optimization to enable low operating cost and on-going productivity gains.

The line is expected to have a nominal rated capacity of 40 megawatts per year when fully operational.  Financial terms have not been disclosed.

Jon C. Ogg
May 12, 2008