This Huge State Could Be Hardest Hit by Today's Massive Storms

Snow, sleet, cold, ice, and other dangerous weather has descended across the county to create what Accuweather calls an “unprecedented storm”. Triggered by polar air, some cities will see their highest snowfall levels in history, and perhaps their coldest day by the same measure.

Based on Accuweather’s description of the storm, Texas appears to be the state that will take the worst of it. Its sheer size is part of the reason.

Texas will certainly be ravaged by snow and frigid weather. The temperature in Dallas, forecast at 2 degrees, will be the lowest since 1899. Houston’s temperature is expected to drop to 10 degrees, also the lowest since the turn of the 19th to the 20th Centuries. shows that 2,629,684 people in Texas are without power. That is more people than the population of New Mexico. Since the online power data service does not track every part of the state, that number may be higher.  One solution to this is that The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) began “rolling outages” today to conserve energy. Large utilities asked homeowners and businesses to cut electric use.

Accuweather points out that several cities in Texas have had record snowfall. In Abilene and San Angelo, the number topped 10 inches. Over two days, Abilene’s total reached 14 inches. called the storms a “Winter Storm Invasion”.

TV station KHOU reported:

For the first time in history, all of southeast Texas has been placed under a wind chill warning that will start Sunday evening and last through Tuesday morning. The entire state is also under a Winter Storm Warning. For southeast Texas counties, the warning goes until 6 p.m. Monday. And we’re just getting started with this week.

The Dallas Morning News reports:

All 254 counties in Texas are under a winter storm warning through Monday by the National Weather Service. Snowfall hit North Texas early Sunday and could continue into Monday. Weather forecasts have temperature lows dipping into the single digits overnight.

KXAN in Austin reported:

More than half a foot of snow has fallen in areas around Austin and rolling blackouts are in order to help conserve power Monday in the entire state of Texas.

Make no mistake, the monster storm will blow cold and dump snow and ice across parts of the U.S. that is home to as many as 150 million people. Eventually, the effects will stretch all the way to New England. However, based on the historic lows, the storm warnings, and the snow, Texas is likely the hardest hit.

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