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COVID-19: The 37 Counties Where No One Has Died

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The pace of the COVID-19 pandemic has slowed considerably in America in the past few weeks. The number of new COVID-19 cases during the most recent week hit a seven-month low. Nevertheless, 585,109 people have died in the United States, the highest number of any country in the world and about 18% of the global total. Confirmed cases in America have reached 32,732,341, also the highest in the world and about 21% of the global figure.

Vaccinations are the primary reason for the improvement. Forty-five percent of Americans have received at least one shot and a third of them are fully vaccinated. So far, 324,610,185 doses have been delivered and, from these, 251,973,752 shots have been given. That is about 78%, which suggests how inefficient the system of distribution has been. The figure varies by state as well. In Maine, 43% of residents are fully vaccinated. In Alabama, the number is only 25%.

Epidemiologists and public health officials worry that a wave of variants has started to quicken the spread of the disease in some areas of the country. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) tracks several of them. The most common variant, first identified in the United Kingdom, is called B.1.1.7. It spreads quickly but appears to be treated by current vaccines.

Another worry is that large outbreaks in other countries eventually could affect the United States. The most troubling of these is currently in India.

Almost every one of the 3,006 counties in the United States has had at least one COVID-19 death. However, 37 counties, a little over 1%, have had none so far.

Only two of the counties with no deaths have populations over 10,000. The first is Dukes County, Massachusetts. Most of the county covers Martha’s Vineyard Island. It has a population of 17,313. The other is San Juan County, Washington. It includes several islands off the northwest coast of the state.

Sixteen of the counties where no one has died of COVID-19 have populations under 1,000. The smallest of these is Loving County, Texas, with a population of only 102. This county has only reported two cases over the course of the entire pandemic.

The number of counties with no fatal cases continues to shrink. These are the ones that are left:

County Population Cases
Dukes, Massachusetts 17,313 1,281
San Juan, Washington 16,473 171
Nome Census Area, Alaska 9,925 352
San Miguel, Colorado 7,968 874
Lake, Colorado 7,585 776
Calhoun, West Virginia 7,396 284
Cook, Minnesota 5,311 155
Mineral, Montana 4,211 252
Wahkiakum, Washington 4,189 108
Harlan, Nebraska 3,438 219
Sierra, California 2,930 112
Haines Borough, Alaska 2,518 31
Wrangell City and Borough, Alaska 2,484 55
Denali Borough, Alaska 2,232 102
Dolores, Colorado 1,841 80
Eureka, Nevada 1,830 51
Jackson, Colorado 1,296 57
Sioux, Nebraska 1,266 39
Alpine, California 1,146 88
Clark, Idaho 1,077 59
Skagway Municipality, Alaska 1,061 21
Esmeralda, Nevada 981 38
Billings, North Dakota 946 54
Hayes, Nebraska 943 59
Camas, Idaho 886 71
Logan, Nebraska 886 81
Hinsdale, Colorado 878 18
Wheeler, Nebraska 822 39
Keya Paha, Nebraska 792 53
Jones, South Dakota 735 93
Slope, North Dakota 704 32
Banner, Nebraska 696 35
Loup, Nebraska 585 42
Blaine, Nebraska 480 20
Harding, New Mexico 459 10
King, Texas 228 11
Loving, Texas 102 2

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