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Bing COVID-19 Tracker Report 5/7/2020 (6:32AM)

American Deaths Near 75,000

According to the Bing COVID-19 Tracker, the number of global cases has reached 3,755,341. Active cases hit 2,246,095, which is 45,404 higher than yesterday, and recovered cases rose to 1,245,415, a gain of 46,026. In a bit of good news, additional recovered cases ran ahead of additions to active cases. Deaths have reached 263,831, up by 6,530.

Total COVID-19 confirmed cases in the United States hit 1,259,708, which is 34% of the world’s total. Active cases surged by 18,813 to 1,014,268. Recovered cases numbered 170,859, up 6,544. Unfortunately, the growth in active cases is about three times the recovered ones. Fatal cases in American hit 74,581, 28% of the world’s figure and a jump of 2,558. They will top 75,000 sometime today.

While the total deaths in the United States have accelerated in recent days, those in the next two countries in terms of confirmed counts have moderated.

Spain’s death toll rose 244 in a day to 25,857. Total confirmed cases in Spain number 220,325. Deaths in Italy were up 369 to 29,684. Total confirmed cases number 214,457.

Cases and Deaths in the United States Move West

While the figures in New York have moderated, that is not true in some states further west. Deaths in New York State rose 952 since yesterday to 20,597. The death toll in the state has routinely been above 1,000 a day.

In Minnesota, deaths rose by 30 to 485. The state has 8,579 confirmed cases. The Minnesota Department of Health called it was the worst day since the virus first hit the state. There has been a persistent theory that Midwest states could dodge the sharp increases in states like New York, New Jersey and Michigan. That may not be true.

Nebraska worries it has a similar problem, to some extent because of its meatpacking business. The industry has been overrun by cases nationwide. While the state’s total confirmed cases are only 6,077, and deaths are up 13 to a relatively small 167, officials fear that cases are about to swing higher.

U.K. Cases Approach Those in Spain and Italy

The United Kingdom is posting enough new confirmed cases and deaths that these figures have started to pass the levels of hard-hit Spain and Italy, which posted some of the most brutal numbers in the world a month ago.

U.K. confirmed cases have reached 201,111. This is against 214,457 in Italy and 220,325 in Spain. However, deaths rose 649 in the United Kingdom to 30,076. The comparable number in Italy was a rise of 369 to 29,684. In Spain, the figures were 244 and 25,857.

There is no single or convincing reason for the difference in the numbers among the three nations. One may be the population. The United Kingdom has 67,141,684 residents, while Italy has 60,627,291 and Spain has 46,692,858.