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Bing COVID-19 Tracker Report 5/17/2020 (7: 00 AM) U.S. Deaths Near 90,000, While Cases Near 1.5 Million

According to the Bing Covid-19 Tracker, global confirmed cases have reached 4,635,830. Active cases hit 2,630,324, a jump of 40,378..Active cases are 57% of the total of confirmed cases worldwide. Recovered cases hit 1,693,685, higher by 60,500. For the time being, the increase in recovered cases exceeded that of active cases.

Fatal cases hit 311,821, up 4,713. They are now 6.8% of the world’s confirmed case total.

Total confirmed cases in the U.S. hit 1,497,244, and will probably hit 1.5 million today, which is 33% of the world’s total. Active COVID-19 cases are 1,135,299, up 11,450. Recovered cases hit 272,525, higher by 12,379

Fatal cases in American hit 89,420 up 1,183 and are 29% of the world’s total. Fatal cases in the U.S. are 6% of confirmed cases. Deaths will reach 90,000 in a day, most probably

Detroit Continues To Suffer Increases

Wayne County, which includes Detroit, is one of the hardest hit in the country. It has 19,016 cases and 2,212 deaths which rose by 20. Wayne Country has a population of 1,749,343. Detroit has a population of 672,662.

Much larger Los Angeles County is a telling contrast. It has 37,303 confirmed cases, and 1,793 deaths, up by 38. However, Los Angeles County has a population of 10,039,107, which is almost six times that of Wayne County. The City of Los Angeles has a population of 3,990,456, over six times Detroit’s

The theory behind the deep trouble in Detroit is that its citizens are more vulnerable due to poverty and have health problems which include diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. Over 32% of the families in Detroit live below the poverty level. The median household income in the city is $25,787, compared to the national average of $61,937.

Japan’s Numbers Stay Low

Japan is the 11th most populated country in the world with a count of 126,860,301, which is 38% of America’s. Yet, Japan ranks 24th in the world in confirmed cases with 16,253 and 729 deaths.

Tokyo, which has a population of 13,929,280, has only 5,036, and 219 deaths. That is about as many deaths as in Baltimore County in Maryland which has 4,549 confirmed cases and 223 deaths. Baltimore County has a population of 827,370.

Japan’s low confirmed case level is a mystery. The country has not been particularly aggressive in social distancing or lockdown of its population. A very low rate of testing may make the small numbers of cases misleading.