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Bing COVID-19 Tracker Report 5/23/2020 (8:28 AM): U.S. Deaths Near 100,000

According to the Bing COVID-19 Tracker, the number of global cases has reached 5,180,982. Active cases worldwide increased by 48,587 to 2,852,054, which is 55% of the total of confirmed cases worldwide. Recovered cases totaled 1,992,496, which is up by 55,549 from yesterday. The total recovered case growth rate now has topped the active case growth rate, a good sign.

Fatal cases hit 336,432 globally, a one-day gain of 4,007. They are now 6.5% of the world’s confirmed case total. At the current rate, deaths worldwide will reach 350,000 in four days.

Total COVID-19 confirmed cases in the United States have hit 1,634,991, which is 32% of the world’s total. The number of active cases reached 1,225,231, up 21,671, and recovered cases hit 313,431, higher by 5,236. Active case growth is about four times higher than that of recovered case growth.

Fatal cases in America hit 96,329, a gain of 1,242 in a day. They are 29% of the world’s total fatalities and 6% of U.S. confirmed cases. At the current rate of growth, U.S. deaths could reach 100,000 within the next three days. Some experts say that, because of uncounted cases, the figure is already above that level.

Illinois Trouble Continues as Cook County Numbers Jump

Illinois continues in third place among states in terms of the number of confirmed cases, at 105,444. The total is 6.4% of the national number. COVID-19 deaths stand at 4,715, up 108 and 4.9% of the national number. Illinois ranks sixth among all states for total population at 12,830,632, or 3.8% of the national total.

The primary reason for the high confirmed case count and the number of deaths in Illinois is Cook County, home to Chicago. The county has 40,465 confirmed cases, as well as 1,850 deaths, which is up by 36.

The total confirmed cases for Cook County are comparable to Bronx County, one of the hardest-hit parts of New York City. Confirmed cases in Bronx County total 43,766. However, deaths there stand at 3,149, much higher than Cook County.

At 5,180,493, Cook County has the second-largest population of any county in the United States. The reason for its high confirmed cases count may be the presence of the very poor population in Chicago and the number of black Americans there. Each of these demographic groups has done worse in cases and deaths than national average numbers.

India Count Remains Very Low

India’s confirmed COVID-19 case count is 118,447, which ranks it 13th among all nations. Its death count is 3,583, lower than the much smaller Netherlands, which has 5,788 fatal cases. India is the second-largest nation in the world with a population of 1,366,417,754, just behind China. The Netherlands ranks 63rd in the category with a population of 17,097,130.

Why such a large difference? The India figures are almost certainly incorrect. The country is seventh in the world in square mileage at 1,269,219. Its developing world infrastructure and medical system throughout much of the country most likely make it difficult to get accurate counts, which probably never will be correct.