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Bing Covid-19 Tracker 5/25/2020 (6:33 AM) U.S. Fatal Cases Hit 98,035

According to the Bing Covid-19 Tracker, global confirmed cases have reached 5,411,498. Active cases hit 2,896,418, a sharp rise of 42,649. Active cases are 54% of the total of confirmed cases worldwide. Recovered cases were 2,169,958, higher by 57,760. The total recovered case growth rate topped the active case growth rate, a good sign.

Global fatal cases hit 345,122, up 3,018, a slight drop in the increase from the day before. They are now 6.4% of the world’s confirmed case total. At the current rate, global deaths will reach 350,000 in three days.

Total confirmed cases in the U.S. hit 1,677,819, which is 31% of the world’s total. Active COVID-19 cases reached 1,234,302, up 10,540. Recovered cases hit 345,482, up 10,067. In a good sign, the rise of recovered cases was the same as active cases.

Fatal cases in American reached 98,035, higher by 609, and are 28% of the world’s total. Fatal cases in the U.S. are 6% of American confirmed cases. At the current rate of growth, U.S. deaths could reach 100,000 within the next two days. Some experts say that because of uncounted cases, the figure is already above the 100,000 level.

In California, Fatal Cases Barely Rise

Fatal cases rose a small 66 to a total of 3,774 in the State of California. Confirmed cases reached 92,710. Confirmed cases are only 5.5% of the national total. California’s population, at 39,512,223, is 11.9% of the national total.

There is no ready explanation for the low numbers in California. Confirmed cases of 43,052 in California’s Los Angeles County, the state’s largest, are also low for its huge population. Deaths in the county are 2,042. Los Angeles County has a population of 10,105,518, which puts it first in the U.S.

Contrast Los Angeles County to Wayne County which is home to Detroit. Wayne County has 19,697 confirmed cases and a high 2,361 deaths. Wayne County has a population of 1,820,584. One theory about Wayne County is that it has a high poverty rate and a large number of Black Americans. Both groups have suffered severely from the effects of COVID-19.

Another explanation of the low count in California is that COVID-19 cases surged early in Washington State and New York State and did not make their ways in great numbers to Southern California

Spain and Italy Finally Get Some Relief

Spain and Italy were among the largest and earliest hot spots as the disease raced through their populations and killed tens of thousands of people. Both confirmed case counts and fatal case counts have started to slow in the two countries While they were once at the top of the list of confirmed cases just behind the United States, they have fallen behind Russia and Brazil.

Spain’s confirmed cases are 282,852. Death rose a modest 67 to 28,773. Four weeks ago, deaths rose well into the hundreds per day. A measure of how badly the country has been ravaged over time is that it ranks only 30th among countries by population at 47,100,396.

In Italy, confirmed cases reached 229,858. Fatal cases rose only 50 to 32,785. Based on its population of 60,238,522, it was also hit unusually hard.

There are no ready reasons why these two European nations were hit so hard. One theory is that they moved to lockdowns late. However, there is no definitive proof of that.