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Bing COVID-19 Tracker 5/28/2020 (6:25 AM): Texas, Florida Cases Low

According to the Bing COVID-19 Tracker, the number of global cases has reached 5,690,182 and is likely to hit 5.7 million within a day. Active cases rose by 31,552 to 2,985,009. They are 53% of the total of confirmed cases worldwide. Recovered cases totaled 2,349,598, which is up 62,446. The total recovered case growth rate topped the active case growth rate, a good sign, at least for a day.

Global fatal cases have hit 355,575, up 5,117, which unfortunately is an increase in the rate of total new deaths compared to the day before. They are now 6.2% of the world’s confirmed case total. At the current rate, global deaths could reach 400,000 in less than two weeks.

Total COVID-19 confirmed cases in the United States have reached 1,735,859, which is 31% of the world’s total. The active cases in America numbered 1,262,142, higher by 10,518, and recovered cases hit 371,955, up 7,158 from yesterday. Active cases are over three times the number of recovered cases.

Fatal cases in America reached 101,762, a gain of 1,571 in a day. They are 29% of the world’s total fatalities and 6% of U.S. confirmed cases. On March 31, the White House forecast deaths would hit between 100,000 and 240,000 before early August. At the current rate of growth, the figure will be near the middle of that range.

Texas and Florida Cases Remain Modest

Texas is the second-largest state in the country, based on a population of 28,995,881. Florida is third by the measure, at 21,477,737. Neither is near the top of states based on either confirmed cases or fatal ones.

Texas ranks eighth in confirmed cases at 57,921. New York State, which has about 2 million fewer total residents, has 364,965 confirmed cases. Texas has 1,562 fatal cases, compared to New York’s 23,643.

Florida’s confirmed case count is even lower than that of Texas. Its number stands at 52,634, and fatal cases number 2,319.

A few theories suggest why the confirmed case and death counts in Texas and Florida are low. One is that the two states have been better than New York at lockdowns, social distancing and case tracking. There is no evidence that this is true.

Alternatively, New York City has been the major hot spot in the country. This may be because some of the earliest cases appeared there and the disease has had longer to spread than in most, if not all, other states. New York City is particularly crowded as well, which could be a source of its horrible problem.

The Strange Case of Nigeria

Nigeria is the seventh-largest nation in the world by population, at 200,963,599, which is close to two-thirds of that of the United States. It is 46th in the world in confirmed cases at 8,733. Its fatal case count is 254. Iowa has 485.

The case and death counts in Nigeria must be higher than the official numbers. However, low counts are a problem in many other developing nations. They lack the infrastructure to gather data on their populations and the medical systems to diagnose cases and to test for COVID-19 after people who may have had the infection die. No one will ever know the actual figures for Nigeria.